The Commencement graduation ceremony occurs once a year at the end of May. Business Certificates Toggle Business Certificates. No lower-division courses taken in graduate status will count towards the graduate degree. Students readmitted to a graduate program after an absence of two consecutive regular semesters must meet the requirements of the program in place during the semester of their readmission. Africana Studies Toggle Africana Studies. A graduate student must meet the department curriculum requirements published in the University Bulletin in the semester the student was admitted and enrolled.

Courses designated to cover these areas can be found in general education GE courses, major or minor courses, complementary studies courses, or elective course work. Academic Standards Satisfactory Scholarship Graduate students are expected to develop their full potential as scholars and to maintain a 3. To add a credential: Students should be aware that few faculty members are available to provide guidance with the Culminating Experience during Winter Break or the summer months. No more than six units of credit in experimental courses ,

For General information on University grading standards, refer to the Grading Policy and Systems section of this Bulletin. Concentration in Creative Writing. Students approved to continue in the program must meet the stipulated requirements or conditions set forth by the program.

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Upon completion, the Culminating Checklst course grade should be changed to CR or letter grade. Students readmitted to a graduate program after an absence of two consecutive regular semesters must meet the requirements of the program in place during the semester of their readmission.


Concentration in International Business.

If an agreement is not reached, the student should consult with the department chair or college dean for the formal procedures for filing a grade appeal. Faculty and the program graduate coordinator may approve the student to continue the program for one semester or deny the student the option to continue in the program.

Concentration in Flagship Chinese Language. No more than four graduate student teaching units applicable to the discipline e. The San Francisco State Scholars program provides undergraduate students with an accelerated pathway chhecklist a graduate degree.

The Division of Graduate Studies cannot extend or switch terms for applications for graduation. Most departments or programs provide manuals or information about the major-specific requirements. Special Education Toggle Special Education. chfcklist

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No units used to obtain a previously awarded degree. After grades are published by the Registrar at the end of the semester during which the student is on probation, one of two actions will occur:. Details about the ways that Complementary Studies can be fulfilled for each B.

School of Design Toggle School of Design. Students earning a Bachelor of Music or Bachelor of Science degree are not required to complete the Complementary Studies requirement. Graduate students planning to pursue a doctoral degree should consider that a pattern of withdrawals may be viewed negatively by an admissions committee. The student must enroll in a zero-unit Culminating Experience Continuous Enrollment courses through CEL, and adhere to the following processes: Concentration in Art History and Studio Art.


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Attendance The instructor may consider regular attendance when assigning grades, and the requirement must be stated in writing as part of the course requirements.

Withdrawal from all or a substantial portion of a program of studies in successive terms.

sfsu thesis checklist

Forms must be completed online and downloaded for signature and submission. Chemistry and Biochemistry Toggle Chemistry and Biochemistry. Business Administration Toggle Business Administration.

sfsu thesis checklist

The student becomes subject to administrative probation for the same or similar reason for which they were previously placed on administrative probation. No stamped, copied, electronic, or scanned signatures are accepted. Students can link to the graduate student-specific Commencement website from the main University web page or on the Graduate Studies website for additional information.

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Complete the Biology Student Policy Form day of biology orientation. Due thesia the temporary nature of these special appointments, both the student and the lecturer must understand the risk to the timely completion of the Culminating Experience. Concentration in Physical Education. Review the Division of Graduate Studies calendar for deadlines.

Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology: