A more beautiful game. Consumers value a brand, such as Rolex, for its image of prestige, popularity or exclusivity — the symbolic benefits Keller, Summarizing, Aaker and Keller name several brand equity benefits: This, however, this raises the question of marginal profit, which is the difference between marginal revenue what a player contributes to the club and marginal cost the price, salary, and other expenses spent on the player. Using these criteria as the base, service brands can build relationships with consumers and simultaneously provide quality experiences to them. The attendance rates show that around 40 percent go more than ten times per season and the average number of visits per season is nine per respondent.

This further stressed the aspect of adequate adjustments of the scales seeking the desired consumer target group of each club. The resulting managerial implications suggest clubs to differ with regard to success-oriented short-term and long-term marketing strategies and the definition of their objectives and tactics accordingly. On the one hand, the educated group that completes a college or university, starting with bachelor, totals up to a percentage of Providing an analysis of financial as well as customer-based data this thesis offers interesting perspectives on the different natures of data as well as respective interpretations. Regression Analysis — ticket The regression coefficient Table 2 for top5

Harvard Business Review, Vol. Journal of Business Research, 52 1 The customer-based data collection focused on particular French Football forums, which, regarding the population of football stadium, implies the exclusion of the unspecific and football- unrelated visitors from the sample.

The function is additionally set with logarithms to obtain htesis percentage change rather than the absolute change. Profit from Strategic Marketing: Listwise deletion based on all variables in tbesis procedure.


The thesis contributes to the existing theoretical and managerial discussion helping to predict brand associations playing a role in the influence of brand loyalty, brand equity and ultimately the profitability of sport organizations.

The succeeding brand identity can be used to communicate core values distinguishing the brand from competition, pursuing a main objective of brand management Keller, Nevertheless, the fact that thesid talents mostly play for successful clubs, as well as the high correlation between both variables further rejects the findings of Gladden and Funk and a negative relationship.

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Socialization, the first facet of benefits shows that approximately 65 percent of the respondents agree that a match provides a great opportunity to socialize with other people and 70 percent even enjoy interacting with other spectators during the match.

The product and the brand.

Between Groups52,Within Groups77, TotalRobust Tests of Equality of Means How many matches are attended in the last season? Welch4 78,Brown-Forsythe4, a.

The highest frequency in attendances for last season was found in the oldest group. Some outliers can be detected in the scatterplot more than 3. Firstly the regression equation is established and the author of this thesis follows a multiple regression analysis due to the several independent variables used in the model formula Malhotra, According to Keller brand knowledge consists of two key dimensions: With respect to the success of the team the questionnaire asks whether respondents care about their team winning or losing, or whether the qualification for international tournaments or participation at league championships is important.

It should further be noted that the additional ticket sales are due to higher ticket sales prices for international tournaments — a multiple of the regular league tickets. The overall implication from this is that the greatest effect on ticket sales is captured by the success of the team, represented by the variable top5. As the study tries to investigate the influence brand associations have on behavioral brand loyalty, further notes can be made on the interpretations of the outcomes. But as mentioned before it requires immense amounts of resources to achieve and make these senses of achievements last.


The descriptive statistics table presents the marital status of the respondents.

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The number of players bought is defined as the variable transfer. Excitement Benefits — Esteem Benefits: Predicted Value -2, 2,1, Standard Error of Predicted 1, 4, 2,Value Adjusted Predicted Value -4,08 18,46 7,23 3, Residual24,6, Std. Descriptives How many matches are attended in the last season?

Involvement with the team i.

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Understanding brand equity for successful brand extension. School of The Ohio State University. Only the regression of the second division shows that respondents that do not care for performance attend three matches more per season than the ones enjoying natural elegance of the games.

Due to timely and financial constraints the study was not able to include the whole variety of available statements regarding loyalty e.

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Journal of Marketing ResearchVol. Nevertheless, several assumptions can be drawn from the established valid data. Service organizations are highly dependent on their image rhesis their main intangible asset.