Contacting the university for clinical programs I get more questions every day than I can answer, so it does take a while sometimes to reply, but I do not ignore any questions. You are welcome to give me pointers! Hi Aimal, I have a whole article about how to find universities and professors that includes recommendations for contacting them. Your first paragraph should cover the research question you intend to answer and how — an expansion of your detailed research theme. Hello sir I wrote a research proposal but I did not detail my subject, I just wrote the impact of international political economic put I did not specify in which aspect of the international political economic will impact my research subject,,, will this affect my research quality?? How will the results of the study be implemented, and what innovations will come about?

Well this is the comment cum question-answer section. I will try to show what Japan looks like through the eyes of a foreign resident. You can find that new article here. Did you pursue a degree there? That should be obvious, and space is at a premium, so I recommend that you focus on your research! Thanks Travis for your wonderful job. I do recommend that you include your research student period in your timeline.

Your timeline should include all of the research and writing phases, including fieldwork, plus the courses you want to take in the meantime.

MEXT Scholarship Field of Study and Research Program Plan Elements

What should I do? The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future.

What inspired you to come up with your research topic that you want to pursue in Japan? Thank you soo much! I have a B- and I am very worried. If you have suggestions about how to make this article more useful, please let me know! Answered Jun 4, Should I choose a non-regular course student or doctorate student?


I studied in Aichi for half a year 5 years ago my first experience in Japan and wtih Japanesestudied in Kyoto at Ritsumeikan Daigaku for a year 2 years ago, and worked as an ALT on JET in the tiniest pop town in Fukushima prefecture last year.

A letter that is dated three years ago may not be accepted.

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We are glad to know that the site is useful for you. Does my research need to be related to my major I intend to study in japan ma in business administration? I am planing to apply as a research student then apply for an extension to enroll in a masters program. Hello, I have basically the same intentions as Vincent, so, continuing the topic — would it somehow damage me if I were to not mention my plans for Master degree onwards?

research proposal monbukagakusho

I have a few more questions, apologies. This is where you establish that your research is viable, especially given the time restraints of your degree.

Monubkagakusho are intending to apply for MEXT scholarship, we have a certain multidisciplinary research we want to conduct. The Japanese Studies scholarship requires a high level of Japanese ability from all applicants, so it makes sense that the interviews would be conducted entirely in Japanese.

Reviewers realize that only rarely can all details be anticipated. I will try to show what Japan looks like through the eyes of a foreign resident. The main title is your overall theme and the subtitle is how exactly you plan to study it.


I wanted to ask you do I need to fill in the 3 professors names I only have one professor so can I leave the other 2 empty. I get more questions every day than I can answer, so it does take a while sometimes to reply, but I do not ignore any questions.

Research Proposal

Lars, I am sure that many of us newbies first time candidates to the monbukagakusho grant highly appreciate your help. And research proposal is the most important part of the entire application procedure. I study control engineering and I hope I can possibly get this scholarship. After giving it a lot of thought, I ultimately decided that research focused not on comics, but rather on traditional Japanese line art, would be the best way to go.

Hi Omar, I see that you had asked each of these questions before in separate comments. What suggestions for subsequent research could arise from the potential outcomes of the study? You should also have rseearch knowledge of sources from your previous studies, I assume. Your proposal is very specific and detailed.

research proposal monbukagakusho

Will the results influence policy decisions? Thank you very much in advance for your attention and congratulations for this wonderful initiative. I think you have saved me a lot of trouble by writing out your process of application.