On Doubts and on Fear! Our first community meeting… Once all the students had arrived and had enjoyed ample time to play, discover, explore and connect we came together and sat in a circle. In thinking about starting my year back in the classroom I decided that I — like many other teachers around the world -was going to outlaw homework! They are short, interesting, and most of all, contain an important message that we can be sharing with our students. Then some interesting discussions occurred about what the colours on a map mean and how to choose which colour for which country. We inquired into ourselves as learners… ….

Each team had a different approach to collecting data:. How do you create a classroom in which your students are free to express their silence, to say what has previously be left unsaid? And at last, all of our supplies were organized in the unique way that worked best for that individual. This is a practice I hope to continue throughout the year, and eventually invite the students to participate in too! So we took inventory.

Report cards are coming! This took 4 hours start to finish.

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Students also realized that the post-its were not staying on the bins, so they decided to place clear tape over top of them. We decided to sort the books into three groups. Would I do it again yes year? What would you like me homdwork know about your child?

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A warning bell of inquiry. I told them to think about the goals I told them about at the start of the week and honestly tell me how I am doing so far.


pyp 001 homework

Another cool element of the week was student-initiated action. In my dream world, such projects look like this: As a teacher in a PYP school, we talk about cultivating an attitude of empathy. We celebrate lots of different days at school so World Down Syndrome day will be shared in my class tomorrow, along with this video. Learners construct meaning, apply critical thinking and original ideas to real-world situations, and share knowledge through self-expression.

And feel free to join in — single subject teacher or not lurkers welcome too! Some wrote a summary: We can do it! So I created a few stations on the floor with options for building, creating, designing, making, reading and playing.

It was interesting to see that every single day students made changes to the organization as they realized that some things placed in the cabinet were needed more often than they thought, and that the more organized the shelves were the easier everything was to find as you needed it.

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He created a bin and chose a location to keep it. Then the went over the pencil lines in black marker so they would still be visible once the paint covers them.

pyp 001 homework

In July of this year, he shared a TED talk that was just over four minutes long. One of the coolest parts of the week for me was seeing the evolution of the Question, Pp, Idea wall. Student Supplies As a class we brainstormed why it was important to organize our personal learning supplies.


Loving what you are doing. We discussed as a class what this meant: Again I created a Google Form, but was also ready with paper options.

I see in my daughter this same kind of thinking. Before delving too deep I wanted to tune into what students already thought about homework. Social Studies Concepts — systems, community, relationships, perspective, choice, transformation, rights, democracy C1. And the coolest part was that so many of them made modifications to what was available to better suit their needs.

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In reviewing the Program of Inquiry, I would suggest we answer these sorts of questions: First students focused on why they wanted homework, then how they wanted it to work, then finally what specifically they would do to accomplish those goals. Our first attempt was my worst nightmare. Concepts — systems, community, relationships, perspective, choice, homewkrk, rights, democracy. So we started with why… Then students researched flexible seating online and visited other classrooms pup see ideas and draw inspiration.

Now that I am back in the classroom is it time to practice what I preach!