Two Jaish-e-Mohammed militants were suspected to have sneaked into the national capital. Jawans have given ultimate sacrifice in Pathankot , security forces took prompt action, says Arun Jaitley. This initiative will shrink the scope for arbitrage as will the gradual spread of digital transactions. Since the details are well-known, they are not covered in detail in this case study. In turn, the media would always check with MEA before breaking any story they may have come across from any other source.

Why India must not Talk to Pakistan after the Pathankot attacks. A follow-up effort to the KRC revealed the limits of such evaluative bodies if recommendations remain non-transparent and reforms are not implemented. The infiltrators possibly hid, using the elephant grass in the perimeter of the campus before making the strike. The Pathankot—Jammu highway was sealed off as soon as news of the attack broke. It was reported that the National Security Guard NSG contingent — specifically trained to deal with hostage situations — could not be moved from their base in Delhi to Mumbai until a day later because no air transport was available. Indian defense Minister Manohar Parrikar said there are indications that some of the materials used were made in Pakistan.

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The Government has decided to hand over the case to the NIA after taking concurrence from the Punjab government, official sources said.

It is speculated that one of the attackers had climbed up one of the eucalyptus trees growing alongside the fence: The detailed meeting records of the national CMG are an especially valuable tool that the government can use to develop institutional memory to prevent mistakes and ensure key lessons are incorporated into drills and other management mechanisms for pathnkot crises.


When one of them rebuffed him, he transferred her and then offered to get her back,” said Jatinder Singh Aulakh, police commissioner, Amritsar, who is a member of the committee.

Despite its proximity to the Line of Control, this key Air Force base obviously had gaps in its pathnakot perimeter that allowed the armed terrorists, probably six in number, to enter the base undetected and hide for several hours before launching their murderous attack.

After a few years of relative calm in Indian-administered Kashmir — largely terrorish one of the world’s most tumultuous geopolitical flashpoints since the India-Pakistan partition — the region has been gripped by unrest for more than two months. Pakistan arrests some suspects. While the Central Reserve Police Force has been assigned this role, its training and equipment leaves much to be desired, and police forces, which are under state jurisdiction, are not adequate.

Full-time National Security Advisor.

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Terrorists in hiding spring a surprise. A number of the KRC recommendations are worth revisiting because they were not fully implemented in deed or spirit and continue to shape crisis management failures in India.

However, there was a last-minute hitch. Pathnakot similar transmitter has been recovered from near the area where the two terrorists were killed. The operations are still going on, we eliminated the 5th terrorist, NSG Official says.

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Retrieved 29 September The Indian special team then had to work urgently to get the negotiations back on track. Attaxk 21 October CCS decisions are Cabinet decisions, and the Cabinet secretary will issue them as formal documents of the Cabinet.


pathankot terrorist attack essay

Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a meeting with top officials to discuss the Pathankot terror attack. The task force made several other recommendations related to different dimensions of national security. The Pathankot—Jammu highway was sealed off as soon as news of the attack broke.

pathankot terrorist attack essay

Terrorist attacks in India since Ayodhya Jaunpur Begumpet Delhi Bangalore. It suggested attacck active support for such groups has become the “new normal” in Pakistan.

Archived from the original on 3 January Once recruited, these personnel are rarely provided even basic training. Archived from the original on 6 January In response to India’s terrorits of cooperation over the Indus Waters Treaty, Sartaj Aziz said India could not revoke the treaty unilaterally as per the IWT’s provisions and international laws, and said such a move would be taken as an act of “war and hostilities. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and members of his cabinet condemned the attack.

The Pakistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a press release essa the attack and offered condolences.

pathankot terrorist attack essay

An additional soldiers were reported to have been injured. A Day of Infamy New Delhi: List of jawans who died fighting terroristsThe Indian Express18 September A tough puzzle to crack. Jaishankar that India sought to divert world attention from state atrocities in Kashmir by blaming the attack on Pakistan. Retrieved 21 March