This example output uses the gillow bibliography style file which is a very minor modification to the plain bibliography style. Shan 27 Jun at Specifically, you should probably add a percent sign at the beginning of line 26 and remove the one at the beginning of line 28 to change to one-sided binding, like so:. You can obtain this from the university’s official branding page or by taking a copy of the files on the Linux system just use the command locate oxlogo to find the file. Key features are It defines the page size allowing for an offset for binding. Structure your thesis — thesismathblog.

My only question is how do I adjust the font to Times New Roman and the line spacing of all text to 1. Alternative acknowledgementslong environment form which isn’t set out as a quote. Structure your thesis — thesismathblog. Hi, sorting of citations, and especially sorting them differently in the bibliography vs the in-text citations, is a big rabbit hole that you can dive down here if your resolve is firm. Thanks a lot for your help. John McManigle 23 Mar at

It should look like this: If you prefer, you can also view on GitHub.

Oxford University Thesis Template

Any help would be appreciated! Use at your own risk. John McManigle 9 Dec at Here, I have modified the class file slightly and transposed it into a version that plays nicely with LyX. Thank you very much for opening up this template for others but I seem to have an error from it when trying to compile the bibtex as it is from the download, that says.


Oxford LyX Thesis Template

Hi, I have tjesis across this having already written my masters dissertation. Hi John, Thank you for the great template. Best regards, Tom Reply.

Grace 13 Sep at I am using the original maths template. I am trying to change the titles of the chapters though to theesis left rather than right.

oxford lyx thesis template

Angie 23 Aug at Thank you so very much, Oxdord Reply. I would like to make my title page the same as the one in yours, but I have not managed to figure out how to do so. This will continue sorting the bibliography as described above, but will order the in-text multiple citation groups in whatever order you type them in the latex file.

Thanks a lot for your help. In a few keystrokes, you can switch between a double-spaced, single-sided, binding-margin document ideal for submissiona 1. I would like for the number to always be at the bottom centre of the page… Thanks in advance!


John Ylang 10 Nov at It is still possible to use the older metafont logo of either the belt crest or shield crest by using the new as of osford 2. R Hall 9 Apr at Shan 27 Jun at Some common locations are below.

oxford lyx thesis template

Thank you in advance, Henry Reply. Amy 8 Jul at How do I change the logo on the titlepage to my university? John McManigle 12 Nov at Hello, I have an issue, I am not able to find how to display the bibliography in this oxford template, how can I display it?

Oxford LyX Thesis Template – The Telegraphic

The class is based upon the standard report class around which most people design their thesis. The proposed code works just as I wanted it to work.

Leah 23 Feb at Some of the differences are described here: Acknowledgements page environment layout as a quote. Download the Oxford thesis template here. Gemma 28 Mar at