This is rather impressive, as Boyd would give his presentations only in one-sitting, typically lasting for several hours or a whole day. Osinga described the usual interpretation of the OODA loop as a tool for strategy: Upstreme rated it it was amazing Jul 26, Clearly, Osinga’s book is as near-to the writing that Boyd largely chose not to perform although he had his reasons. It uses information from all of Boyd’s presentations, but is more concerned with the background of how Boyd came to develop his principles. But it is so extremely dense with insight, that I voluntarily wrote a book report for my own consumption after I finished.

During that period, when the opponent does not have an accurate understanding of the situation or the ability to formulate a coherent concept for dealing with it, we can act with little fear of effective counter-action. Thus a divisional OODA loop would have to be at least 36 hours long. Boyd’s ideas are to move war away from a Clausewitzi This book took me while to get through as Osinga essentially deconstructs all of John Boyd’s presentations and papers and attempts to figure out how his ideas were shaped. Overall, John Boyd was an interesting strategist for many reasons. What you can do is make changes to your organizational system, that is, create new processes and eliminate old ones, and let practices suitable to your organization evolve. How delaying decisions can make better cars faster.

Viele interpretieren ihn als genau so simpel, und dass man im Krieg oder auch Se Oh boy. Jan 25, Bastian rated it it was amazing. They operate in the culture, then they get to step back and think about the culture. Apr 02, John Schneider rated it really liked it. Another is dealing with money, as anyone who has ever filed an expense report knows.


Science, Strategy and War: The Strategic Theory of John Boyd

The effort and detain is clearly seen through out the book. The quantum story, a history in 40 moments. It’s difficult to say Wass de Czege plagiarized Boyd in AirLand Battle if you also maintain that Boyd was primarily packaging ideas that were prevalent and available at the time.

Byd for telling us about the problem. Excellent work done on Boyd’s work.

osinga boyd thesis

By Arthur van Angeren. While not ignoring OODA, but contrary to the USAF’s educational focus, Osinga more appropriately focuses upon Boyd’s fundamental premise of how we thesos human orient ourselves to our unpredictable and chaotic surroundings. But if we work it cleverly via a deep understanding of our customers, we might delight them.

It stand alone as thesi best compilation of Boyd’s thinking on strategy and warfare. Update orientations simultaneously and harmoniously, with each function reinforcing the others.

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Data would be nice. Sep 25, Rich rated it it was amazing. Since little has been written bboyd Boys, this works ought to be read and will be worth the effort. A Non-school of Strategy. To be fair Osinga is writing an obviously academic work to convince academics that John Boyd should be studied.

Osinga boyd thesis

Osinga clearly demonstrates that there is for more to Boyd that “getting inside the bad guys’ OODA loops. Which comes to osijga conclusion that the OODA loop is more than just an idea to think faster than the opponent.


Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. People who take opposing views are marginalized. His thinking, his theories, his larger than life influence were there with us in Desert Storm.

It’s a slow, long, difficult read. But it is so extremely dense with insight, that I voluntarily wrote a book report for my own consumption after I finished.

osinga boyd thesis

When you train your employees to be risk averse, then you’re preparing your whole company to be reward challenged. The interested and dedicated will want to make their way through it after they have completed the book.

osinga boyd thesis

Oct 27, Angel Pradel rated it really liked it. The battlefield is not just a time and place, it is also moral and intellectual, and the greatest victories come from scattering and paralyzing an enemy by maximizing his internal ‘friction’ rather than mass firepower or attrition. This leaves only the following separate pieces: What are the mental models bohd can be acted on.

Osinga boyd thesis

It is not enough, though, to be able to perform the same set of tasks thesiz quickly and more smoothly day after day. Finally, you take off the rubber treads from the toy tractor or tanks. Thus a divisional OODA loop would have to be at least 36 hours long.

But for all their difficulty and amorphous form, Boyd remains the best guide to strategic thinking in the 21st century.