You must meet all financial aid deadlines for the semester in which you plan to return to the University. The approval of the dissertation committee chairperson is required as indicated by signature on the equivalency form in order to be eligible for this category. This section describes the dissertation format that all Steinhardt doctoral candidates are required to follow. We encourage our doctoral graduates to attend this convocation and doctoral hooding ceremony. Request for Reinstatement of Lapsed Doctoral Matriculation File this form if you have allowed your doctoral matriculation to lapse. You should supply the reader with lists of tables, figures, and any other illustrative material used in your dissertation. Doctoral students who are beyond the maximum allowable matriculation period are required to register each semester exclusive of summers for DCADV-GE Doctoral Advisement, 1 credit see ” Doctoral Advisement – Maintaining Matriculation “.

Indent the second and subsequent lines one-half inch. A smaller or condensed typeface can be used for tables that otherwise might not fit across a page within the correct margins, however, mixing typefaces is otherwise not recommended. The title page is counted as page one and the copyright page as page two, but numbers do not appear on them. Students in the School Psychology or Counseling Psychology program should contact their academic program office for further information on the required internship. It is not necessary to include Level 3 or lower-level headings in the Table of Contents, but you may if it provides the reader with more useful information. Faculty policy leaves the choice of a style manual to the doctoral candidate with the advice and consent of his or her committee.

Doctoral Policies for PhD and EdD Students

Dissertation Publishing Agreement Survey of Earned Doctorates A candidate must upload his or her dissertation to Proquest by the preliminary dissertation submission deadline. Dissertation Proposal Cover Sheet File this form with your dissertation proposal copies. Full- steinhard Half-Time Equivalency Status A student is considered full-time by the University when registered each semester for a minimum of 12 credits of course work, and half-time when registered for 6 credits.


Underlining or italics may be used for statistical symbols, book titles, or definitions but use either one or the other consistently throughout your manuscript, including tables.

If such a table is necessary, be sure to insert it with the heading to the spine or binding. All other items requiring numbers should have Arabic numbers. If the candidacy examination filin in a fail outcome, matriculation is suspended and you must request permission in writing from the department to retake the examination.

The abstract should be typed double-spaced with the same typeface and margins dissertatiin the dissertation. The following illustrates this:. Headings within the chapter should indicate the weight you assign to particular ideas by the form of headings suggested in the style manual you have selected or the form suggested below.

Putting your Dissertation in a Black Snap Binder. The Dissertation Proposal Review The procedures for reviewing dissertation proposals vary among the different departments; however, the following School policies apply to all departments and programs: It is recommended that you ask your chairperson and members for their preferences regarding how steinnardt and at what point your work should be presented.

nyu steinhardt dissertation filing

Doctoral matriculation expires eight years from the date of matriculation for full-time students, and ten years from the date of matriculation for part-time students. Jonathan Jones jpj nyu. This copy should be submitted after you have made changes required by the final oral commission. Typically, the following style manuals are used by NYUSteinhardt students:. All doctoral students must maintain matriculation, either by registering for credit-bearing coursework or enrolling in MAINT-GE Maintenance of Matriculation each semester, exclusive of summers.

You should also obtain information regarding examination scheduling and deadline dates from your department. That office will, in turn, officially notify you and the Office of the University Registrar by letter.

These outcomes pass, fail, or deferred pass with conditions result according to the following rules:. Use ten underscore characters, ending with a period if the author is exactly the same stteinhardt the previous one, or with a comma if the author is the first of a series of new authors, as shown below. If items in a numbered list run onto two or more lines, you may let the additional lines begin at the margin or indent the entire paragraph to the right of the numbers.


Four or more lines of a quotation should be set off from the main text with a double space, typed single spaced with no quotation marks, and the entire block indented one-half inch.

nyu steinhardt dissertation filing

Advisers should review this request with you to determine whether or not you will be able to complete your program within the prescribed time limits. Your dissertation will be published by ProQuest UMI which requires clear, high-contrast characters and images. If you fail to maintain continuous matriculation and allow your matriculation to lapse, you must request reinstatement.

Have a full dissertation committee already appointed see Dissertation Committee below. Please also note that attendance at the final oral examination is restricted to the candidate and members of the final oral commission.

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It is necessary to obtain letters of permission for the reproduction of any copyrighted material which exceeds the Federal law pertaining to “Fair Use. Capitalize the first letter of each word of headings except for articles, conjunctions, and prepositions.

Your printer must produce consistently black letters and consistent margins. Prerequisites to Application for Admission to Degree Candidacy NYU Steinhardt policy requires that you meet the following two eligibility requirements prior to taking the candidacy examination: The dissertation proposal document should address and include the following: January graduation – Doctoral Dissertation Submission Checklist.

You should be aware that your leave may affect your ability to pre-register for the semester in which you return.

nyu steinhardt dissertation filing

A final copy of the dissertation will also be submitted to NYU Libraries for our institutional repository.