Any errors that were found in the review meant that entire pages had to be retyped—without introducing new errors. Access through the double-glass doors of the Watkins Hall lobby. Your equation should jump to center of the page. It should be self-explanatory after that. Basic to intermediate coding skill is required, and processors are unable to provide formatting help. MathType might not yet be compatible with Mac Office

The template functions best with Word , so we recommend this version. Please refer to the thesis timeline that applies to you on our Submission Process page look for red text that says, “please tell us which type of student you are”. Also known as the “TRAF. I’m in my final quarter, and I haven’t received info about my sharepoint site. Please see our Python help page. Your team has two choices: How do I access Python remotely?

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Students and advisors automatically receive a publication announcement to their NPS email addresses. Click here if you are a DL student. Call the TACx, to be put in touch with someone who can fix the problem. Your equation should jump to center of the page. Next, remove the period and tab space from the Figure Caption style. If you would like a thesis SharePoint site sooner than that, fill in your thesis title and thesis advisor information in Python Instructions here and then thexis a request for the site to be created to the TAC Instructions here.


Shadepoint visit its website to make an appointment. If you created equations outside of MathType and need to number them, or if you created equations in MathType without first numbering them, but now want them numbered, follow these instructions: OUR golden hoard is the high standard of the theses we work so hard with the students to achieve.

Submission policies are outlined here. CHDS students Students writing export-controlled theses Students writing classified theses DL students may be excluded from this requirement if internet connectivity is unavailable For more information, click here. Capstone — Systems Engineering. Click here for more examples of the things we look for. So, Here Be Dragons. Now find any sentences that end with a cross reference and re-insert the periods.

This breaks the linked fields. Whom do I contact? Then, next business day, you can contact spresearch nps.

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Instructions have been provided to students. For more information, click here. Where can I get help with writing or formatting my thesis? En dashes are slightly longer than a hyphen. Use the step-by-step guide under “I am a resident student” below with your submission dates in mind.


To check out and work on your thesis: Staff directory Sign in to access staff bios and phone numbers. I need help using Python. This converts the cross reference to normal text, and you can then simply delete the unneeded period. You and your co-authors will continue to work together after you detach, because you are collectively responsible for the quality of the final product.

Where is the ME Auditorium?

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How does my thesis advisor get access to my thesis-in-progress? I am a DL student. What is the plagiarism review and how does it fit in with my thesis? Do I have a thesis SharePoint site?

nps thesis sharepoint

It will be the following: How does the Thesis Processor in the Research Office notify me of needed changes? Beside most timelines will be a thesis scheduler, which can help you keep track of thesis tasks in relation to our submission deadlines.