Why are these three battles so important? Announcements PA Announcements will be made each day at the end of period one. The selling of cigarettes is illegal and absolutely prohibited. Student Phone Students are expected to make brief personal calls from the no-charge student phone in the main entrance or the pay phones when classes are not in session. Illegal Drugs or Substances. Students are expected to make brief personal calls from the no-charge student phone in the main entrance or the pay phones when classes are not in session.

Here you will find information on policies around use of Electronics, Dress Code, Conduct, Smoking, and the like. The school is not responsible for the loss, theft or damage of any personal items, including electronic devices. Student Conduct and Behaviour Policy Students will: Your Integrated Program of Studies must be approved by the Registrar of Teacher Certification before you begin any of these studies. Teacher supervision in the building begins at 7: To help protect all students, proper use guidelines and practices for these devices must be established, followed and monitored. Why are these three battles so important?

St. Kevin’s High School

homeworrk Outdoor jackets should not be worn in class as this contributes to students becoming too warm which leads to students being drowsy. Extenuating circumstances will be considered and decisions will be made by a combination of stakeholders such as teachers, student, parents, and administrators. For a test or quiz: We ask parents and guardians to monitor use and to discuss these regulations and the proper use of technology with their children and we thank you for your support.


nlesd homework policy

Any student who sets off a fire alarm without legitimate cause or who tampers lolicy any other emergency equipment will usually be reported to the police and charged under the criminal code. What was the Merchant Marine? Letters of Reference It is our pleasure to provide reference letters for students who have attended regularly, cooperated respectfully and committed to their studies. All students are reminded of the importance of bus safety.

nlesd homework policy

Any communication of obscene language will not be tolerated on the school premises and is cause homeworj suspension. Student Conduct and Behaviour Policy. An immediate suspension may be issued to students who choose to smoke in the building or on school grounds. CDLI Tutoring brochure Protocol for Cell Phones in the Classroom.

Policies and Procedures

The use of electronic devices is now a part of daily life for most students. An alcohol offence will polic result in immediate suspension and a contact with parents and sometimes, police. In the event of an emergency, parents will call the main office and the student will be put in contact with the parent.

Weapons and other hazardous materials. Full investigations and school and legal interventions as required will be pursued. All internal areas of the building are supervised throughout during the school day and the bus boarding areas are supervised as students exit at 2: Approval must be obtained from the Registrar of Teacher Certification before you begin homeworj of these studies. For a test or quiz:.

With the obvious health and safety hazards pooicy, it is the responsibility of the school to discourage smoking by our students.


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The choice and volume of music are at the discretion of the supervising teacher. If there is an extenuating reason why you need to use the vending machines during classes, please obtain a note from your teacher before proceeding. What was it, Why was it built, How did the Germans overcome this obstacle?

However, text messaging, making phone calls, taking photos of students and staff, and music playing are often inappropriate student activities for the learning and working nlfsd.

Card Playing and Gambling Games. No second chances or rewrites will be bomework and the zero will not be replaced by a comprehensive test, etc. Suspensions will also be put in place.

There is a link on the Optis website if you forgot your password and need it emailed to you. There is one-way traffic on the front lot. Lockers are school property and the administration maintains a list of combinations. Students are expected to keep up with school work by bringing home all materials and stay in touch with their classmates and teachers via e-mail.

Students are asked to park their vehicles on the sides and back of the building. The proper tone and atmosphere of the school are reflected in the way our students and staff are dressed.