Her realization turned into excitement after receiving the good news that she was going to study in the university as it was the obvious manifestation of democratic ideal that she was eagerly enjoying. Even though the performance is well received, Kazuko realizes that dance is not for her. Even in the face of such treatment, the internees continue life as well as they can manage. This can mean adopting new habits of social interaction, changing one’s diet, and learning another language. This allows him to be closer to his fiancee Minnie, who also works at the hospital. These experiences helped Kazuko to become a positive author psychologist, who was once a Nisei daughter. In a memoir, of course—especially one written while the characters within it are very much alive—it is not uncommon to focus more on those who have made a positive impact on one’s life.

Japanese men in the United States and Hawaii are promptly rounded up for questioning. It is through these mundane interactions that Sone illustrates the process of assimilation, wherein members of a minority group adopt the behaviors and attitudes of the majority population among which they live. Itoi refuses to refund a hotel guest’s money after he uses a room for most of the day, the man tells Mr. In these ways, the camps more closely resemble prisons than communities. They believe that the presence of these immigrants from the land of the enemy poses a direct threat to national security, though the author notes that “there had not been a single case of sabotage committed by a Japanese living in Hawaii or on the Mainland during the Pearl Harbor attack or after.

Nisei Daughter is a bisei about a Japanese American girl constructing her own self-identity in an environment where there is much confusion amongst Nesei people who are torn between two cultures. Itoi searches for someone to care for his business in his absence so he will not lose it. He brings fresh grapefruit, nuts, and candy bars for the family to enjoy.


In nise months leading up to World War II, with relations between Japanese and whites undoubtedly tense, there are only a few brief incidents mentioned: Itoi—once a law student in Japan—reveals that he is knowledgeable and will not be fooled.

nisei daughter thesis

The couple improves the hotel as much as they can but still relies on a working-class clientele of “sea-hardened mariners, shipyard workers, airplane workers, fruit pickers and factory workers. They are repeatedly told that empty houses are no longer for rent, or scared off with dsughter of exorbitant rates. On December 7,as Kazuko, Henry, and Sumiko rehearse for a church choir Christmas program, they learn that the Japanese have bombed the U.

At that time, Mr. It was too late, much too late for us to turn back. Hi there, would you like to get such a paper?

nisei daughter thesis

Herparents, as first-generation Japanese immigrants to America, are considered Issei. If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email. Hi, I am Sara from Studymoose Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? Kazuko has fond memories of growing up in the Carrollton, where her family sets aside several of the rooms for use as their own living quarters. Representatives of the War Department visit the camp looking for soldier recruits among the eligible men. The majority of these were full American citizens, born in the United States.

Perhaps this can all be explained by the distinctly Japanese tendency toward extreme diplomacy that sometimes seems, to an outsider, to border on self-punishment.

He is a star pupil, primarily because his parents sent him to Japan when he was young to become immersed in Japanese culture. Bysome college-age Nisei internees were allowed to leave the camps if they could provide proof of an employment offer or acceptance to a college outside the exclusion zone.


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One night, as the family eats dinner, two police officers visit and accuse Mr. Before that, she notes that she lived “in amoebic bliss, not knowing whether I was plant or animal,” in her family’s low-rent hotel on Seattle’s Skid Row.

nisei daughter thesis

However, the complexity of situation in an inland residence covered with barbed wire and guarded by armed militaries was depicted along with story. She hhesis business school ahead of schedule, but then suffers a devastating bout of tuberculosis.

Years later, she sees Kazuo again. Kazuko thrives in the multicultural environment she finds at Wendell College. Nationalism, or devotion to one’s own country above all others, is an important theme throughout Nisei Daughter.

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Modern Language Association http: In chapter II, when Mr. Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list. Whatever the reason, sales of the book during thesie first printing were modest, and the book was quickly forgotten. She chronicles the virtual loss of her rights as an American citizen and her family’s forced relocation to an internment camp in Idaho.

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InPresident Ronald Reagan signed a bill that allowed for compensation in the amount of twenty thousand dollars for each living internee who filed a claim. Sone—referred to throughout the book by her first name, Kazuko—begins Nisei Daughter with the moment, at the age of six, that she first realizes she has Japanese ancestry.

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