Northcentral University is a quality school that prepares students for academic research and clinical practice. I really value world of mouth when it comes to education and NCU has been noted for having an exceptionally poor DIS process. You can also ask a professional in your family for help. Don’t believe the fanboys who say “complainers just can’t handle self study” You will not be successful in the Ph. This school is fine if you ca teach yourself.

Other than no instructor assistance and the one [bad] instructor, my main issue is that the instructors don’t teach anything Not a great way to treat people. One to one mentoring at NCU is via email, unless the Chair or mentor chooses to engage. In my years there, I know of six people who have completed their degrees. Because of this, I generally find a book or two that is on the recommended list or that has been referenced in articles pertaining to the class to grab and use as I write my papers. Consider that NCU starts all courses on Monday. The comprehensive exam at the end of your academic courses is not a joke.

ncu dissertation timeline

I am a real student and I would not recommend NCU. You must articulate your ability to think and communicate at a doctoral level in order to pass the exam as is expected in any worthwhile school. I need for my education to align with my career path. This offers students a shorter path to graduation. One dissertatin year for dissertation. So, I have been on both sides, serving and supporting students. As I mentioned in my previous review, the mentors at NCU are hit and miss, as with any university.


Take ownership and responsibility for oneself. Classic Bait and Switch.

All prior universities I attended you were given an school e-mail, not at NCU, your personal e-mail is cissertation for communication. I had no issues with changing program requirements, management, or tuition and fees.

It is not only diwsertation for tuition to increase each year, but expected. You ask they don’t answer anything! The dissertation phase seems to be about dragging out the process rather than fostering progress, this is frustrating to a business person.

I also expressed to the academic supervisor that I am not able to quit my job; my job has to come first and again, was told this would not be a problem, students work full diasertation while completing their degree. My mentors– I’ve had awesome mentors and one or two that were just alright. When I finished the first course I went on and withdrew from the University overall.

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I’m a professional already working in the field and just needed the letters after my name. The support staff at the school have been excellent in my opinion, from the initial advisers signing you up for your classes, to financial aid, down to the academic support center they have. It is nccu one navigates through the experience. NCU is a good school that offers you the opportunity to move forward.

ncu dissertation timeline

They lacked insight on technology and processes used by data scientists, and were merely focused on regurgitating the cookie-cutter curriculum about outdated IT network and infrastructure and collecting their paycheck.


The faculty expect a student to perform to the standards that are established in writing. I would rather know they would not help and adjust accordingly. Well do complain to the Better Business Bureau and to the accrediting bodies.

It’s a special breed that is capable of this feat. I never had an issue tailoring assignments to my rimeline research or job-related interests. I’ve been there for over three years and have had seven different academic advisors. I am sorry for your experience.

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They sent a dollar refund. Navigating the website requires a learner that has a comprehensive base in technology. If you are looking for a degree program that will be highly structured with an online forum where a professor will engage with you to help you make meaning of the material, this is probably not the university for you.

Three 3 years for coursework — approximately 15 credits per school year. Finally, I’ll deliver a quick note regarding the administration at NCU.

Their lack of written communication was shown to me as being my fault since I did not give them a change of address nor new email address.