Univerzita Palackeho v Olomouci, Until the day a handsome stranger pulls up astride a Indian Chief motorcycle — and turns Otter Lake completely upside down. With John, since nobody really knew his game, that was a strong possibility. I feel grateful to have chanced on this gem, finding it calling to me from one of those free libraries perched on a neighbours lawn. This compared the differences of the white community and the native community. And for some, that experience includes — skinny dipping. It made life more interesting, and more Anishnawbe.

Taylor draws us into a modern-day tale of Nanabush he of many names as he returns to old stomping grounds to find that many things have changed The crow, having had enough of this weird business, decided to put a few treetops between himself and this creature. Skip to main content. The thing is, so Actually a 3. Motorcycles and Sweetgrass is a bit of a silly book- but I think this is precisely the point of the story.

But she had to leave her native reserve when she was forced to attend a residential school where she learned about the Christian religion without, however, forgetting her Native belief system.

There are a lot of subtle messages about the existence of natives and ‘white people’ throughout the book that made me think about current issues we are facing today but the book never feels ‘preachy’ or trying to sway you from one side to the other. This is not the only meeting he has with Christ, though; the other one takes place in a dream, and neither he nor Christ seems to be sure how they have dreamed this dialogue anr existence.

This is definitely a fun book that allows you to learn more about the Ojibway trickster. I also expected the characters to have more depth abd it ended up that they were sorta more 2-D.


Add to this that she is a single mother of a young teen boy.

It could be read as an entertaining funny tale of a Canadian place, or you could feel uncomfortable by the in-between lines. I bought this book on a whim because the first chapter left me wildly intrigued and it was an Own Voices look at a community very near my home.

Something always interposed itself between his intent and his ful- fillment of it and resulted in mishap or indiscretion. He was a blur of movement one minute, and almost still the next. Writing like this is what happens when you are so well practiced it’s hard to specifically name where your skill shows up, it has just seeped into everything you do.

The Spiritual World of the Ojibway St. It had an ancient, tribal quality, and yet at the same time, a modern, innovative style. But although superhuman, he is obviously not beyond all-too human forms of suffering such as tedium and alienation.

Motorcycles & Sweetgrass by Drew Hayden Taylor

I recommend this book to like, everyone. This book definitely brings up a lot of interesting points of discussion – what does it mean to be Aboriginal in ?

This idea is pushed further with the character of Uncle Wayne grandmother Lillian’s favourite and his hermit like life living alone on an seetgrass developing a ‘Native Martial Arts’. Thing is, it got me researching for a good 2 hours straight and did make me feel impassioned to change things, which is always a good response.

motorcycles and sweetgrass essay topics

I was hoping there was more stuff to Lillian’s past and what not, and I was hoping Sammy would be cured, but alas, it was not meant to be. Virgil becomes concerned for his mother.


Pretty like a White Boy. That says it all.

motorcycles and sweetgrass essay topics

Dec 23, Shonna Froebel rated it it was amazing Shelves: At the beginning of the story, he was a rebellious kid who always skipped classes, however, after the arrival of John, he started to become a grown up child. What a damn satisfying read! Apr 14, Jennifer Rayment rated it it was amazing. Overall we gave this book a very positive rating, with an average of 3. This quote shows that the natives believed they had a lower status by comparing the whites. Hardcoverpages. We see things from a variety of points of view, which only enhances the storyteller effect.

An Exploration of Native Sex and Sexuality.

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If he sometimes succeeded in accomplishing anything, such success was earned quite by accident. Reply to this comment. He was not only a normal sweetgraes man, but a man dancing in a strange style.

Get custom essay sample written according to your requirements Urgent 3h delivery guaranteed Order Now. Nature John was in the forest having a talk with the raccoons and giving them food. I finished this book with a sense of disappointment – that it hadn’t really provided me with a striking plot or left me with a sense that something profound had been share with me.