We started this part in as Elijah Harper opposed the Meech Lake agreement. Act , passed in Quebec, was a law that pacified Act The Meech Lake Accord also failed largely because of the fact that the officials making the accord did not consult other parties. As I recall, Accord persuaded Quebec to sign the Canadian Constitution of , trying to give the state a special status. The accord was considered a threat to the national unity by yielding to sectarian demands while ignoring majority say. Get inspired and start your paper now! Canada and Quebec’s Conflict words – 10 pages taxes, and give the province more power.

This aspect of making modifying the constitution is referred to as constitutional change Parker The Meech Lake Accord agreement was not intended. The accord signed by all ten Provincial Premiers and Prime Minister Mulroney in then had to pass in both the Canadian Parliament and all ten provincial legislatures. The accord failed in the referendum stage as a majority of the Canadian population voted against it. Harper opposed this agreement as he thought that indigenous peoples should also obtain special status. Ottawa must implement uniform legislation where appropriate and in other areas in a fair and just manner.

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That decision effectively estranged the province from the Canadian “constitutional family. The accord sought to accod the Canadian Constitution. As ofthere have been no further official efforts at constitutional change in Canada. We will write a custom essay sample on. This was by fact considered impractical in country with two main societies: It was submitted to Canadian citizens in a referendum but despite the approval of all the major Federal parties and all ten prime ministers, most Quebecers and Canadians in other parts of the country mmeech in favor Did.

If Francophones want additional powers then other minority groups must be entitled to them as well.

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Ottawa must not discriminate against or favor any specific province or region. This aspect of making modifying the constitution is referred to as constitutional change Parker The formal essaay of changing a constitution involves submitting a bill that suggests change to the legislative house.


The accord as well spelt out a social agreement to support living standards related to health, education and employment.

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Meech Lake Accord is relatively easy to draft, but accrd also brings a lot of controversy. An example of a more current involvement of the Canadian government over land would be the dispute of the Meech Lake Accord in Oka, Quebec.

meech lake accord essay

Pierre Trudeau claimed that the Accord was a sell-out of federal powers to the power-hungry provinces. A constitution is a collection of written or acford rules and regulation that governs a country or a nation.

The accord proposed five alterations in the Constitution of Canada that would alter the methods of amending the constitution. In frequent cases constitutions are formulated in a period of crisis by individuals who are not consistent in the constitution alteration.

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Inthe federal government announced a settlement statement, which is a big problem. The accord discredited the founding nations of Canada and hence it was termed as detrimental. Since the accord was occasioned by failure of the Fifth Amendment to the constitution which sought only the recognition of Quebec province as an independent province, it was considered retrogressive in form especially in the era of post -charter since it sought to perpetuate the archaic practice in Canadian politics of recognizing only two of the historic groups of Canada.

Consequently, the accord was considered a fury and angered the aboriginal group and other ethno cultural minorities since they saw the accord as a plot to marginalize them and to leave them outside Canada.

The five principle demands of Quebec province that it needed to be satisfied before it could sign the accord were:.


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In Quebec’s independent referendum inthe National Party of Quebec cited this case as a metaphor of Canada’s refusal to reject Quebec and the uniqueity of Quebec’s end in the Mitch-Lake agreement. Constitutional changes are often inevitable since the process of constitution making can at times be imperfect due to the problems that occur.

The failed attempts to give Canada a new constitution through the Meech Lake and Charlottetown accords brought despair to the Canadian population. As a result they took on great significance. We have a large number of writers specialized in. The two provinces which failed to ratify the accord were interested in amendments to the accord that could safeguard the following three fundamental aspects of the Canadian country, these are: Great Canadian Prime Minister?

In Canada there have been various efforts to necessitate constitutional change.

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This aspiration dragged on for a few decennaries due to the fact that the authorities could non negociate a trade on how to better and modify the fundamental adcord.

The negotiations of the accord were held at Meech Lake in a remote place in the Gatineau Hills and as a result it was named the Meech Lake Accord. He declared that he would amend the fundamental law to fulfill Quebec?

Despite this agreement, on the final ratification date the Accord unravelled. For instance the composition and the election process of the Supreme Court in Canada according to the proposal were to be entrenched constitutionally.

A constitution describes the organization and procedure of governance.