These files are included at the beginning of main program file. Identification the processing operations: If the highway is busy, we would take a diversion. Function prototype is always declared at the beginning of main function. Once the problem is defined, the steps required to solve it, must be stated clearly in the required order. In theoretical notation, the complexity of an algorithm is estimated in a asymptotic notations.

Therefore, if a variable is used at many places in a program it is better to declare its storage class as register. All keywords have fixed meaning and these meanings cannot be changed. If the data to be searched is found then the search is successful, otherwise the search becomes unsuccessful. Here is the section of code that places data into an array: Likewise, if we want k to be available to main we will have to return it to main using the return statement.

The following statements set of statements are not valid: What have we gained by substituting PI for 3.

This is a one parameter function and invokes as under: Remember that double type represents the same type that float represents, but with a greater precision Void type: The variable may be of any type int, float or double.

Thus, the following program code would be wrong, since argentina is being defined inside another function, main.

Note for Problem Solving And Programming In C – PSPC By Vineeth Babu

Because a pointer holds an address rather than a value, it has 2 parts: This means that when values are passed to a called function the values present in actual arguments are not physically moved to the formal arguments; just a photocopy of values in actual argument is made into formal arguments. Intro to C Language 2.


Since these memory addresses are the locations in the computer memory where program instructions and data are stored, pointers can be used to access and manipulate data stored in memory. The above program segment can be modified using the else clause as follows: So finally we can say that—if the macro is simple and sweet like in our examples, it makes nice shorthand and avoids the overheads associated with function calls.

Almost always a compiler comes with a library of standard functions.

mc9212 problem solving programming lecture notes

Once printf collects them it prints them in the order in which we have asked it to get them printed and not the order in which they were passed.

WAP to store addresses of different elements of an array using array of pointers: Nesting of if … else statements: A good example of frequently used variables is loop counters.

Note for Problem Solving And Programming In C – PSPC By Vineeth Babu

It can also play the role of generic type, meaning that it can represent any of other standard types. One has to provide step by step solutions of the problem to the computer. One of the classic problems encountered when we start using nested if … else statements is the dangling else.

These comparisons can be done with the help of relational operators. A commonly used example of a recursive procedure is determining the factorial of a number. Even main can be called from other functions.


This process is called Compilation. Introduction to Computers 1. Functions with arguments and no return values. The following program shows how to use void: Unlike signed integers, unsigned integers use all the bits for the magnitude of the number and are always positive.

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The program instructions and global and static variables are stored in a region called as permanent storage area and the local variables are stored in another area called stack. The if … else statement: This value may have to be changed some day to 3. However, the calculation of sum is done in a different function lecrure calsum.

mc9212 problem solving programming lecture notes

Here is another example of macro definition. If we use a macro hundred times in a program, the macro expansion goes into our source code at hundred different lecutre, thus increasing the program size.

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probllem Have a look at the following program. In some cases, it is possible that the false condition is not required. It takes the following general form: