Topics in the theory of two-dimensional electron systems. Large dark ions are Fe, small dark ions are O, light ions are Si. Rare events dominance in non equilibrium critical phenomena: B 71 , — Published 18 January Figure 7 Convergence of Hubbard U parameter of FeO with the number of iron included in the supercell used in the extrapolation. Surfaces, impurities, and enzymatic catalysis.

Phonon softening and high-pressure low-simmetry phases of cesium halides from first-principles techniques. Baldereschi Electronic properties of the compound with AlB2 structure. Color optical properties of anthocyanins in solution: Ginzburg-Landau description of superfluid layered fermions. Sign up to receive regular email alerts from Physical Review B.

Color optical properties of anthocyanins in solution: Simulation of Iron at Earth’s Core Conditions.

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The zero of the energy is set at the top of the valence band. Scaling behavior for models of river network. First-principle molecular dynamics simulations of matte GaAs. Non-Fermi liquid behavior in multi-orbital Anderson impurity models and possible relevance for strongly correlated lattice models.


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Rotational dynamics of molecular impurities of solvated 4He clusters: Nonequilibrium persistent current in mesoscopic disordered systems. Kondo conductance anomalies from first principles.

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Computer Simulation of Thermally Activated Processes: Landau-Zener processes in out-of-equilibrium quantum physics. Spectral and dynamical properties of strongly correlated systems. Quantum Dissipation at the Nanoscale.

matteo cococcioni thesis

Ab-initio study cociccioni synthesis of new materials at high pressure transition-metal nitrides and non-molecular CO2 phases. Rare events dominance in non equilibrium critical phenomena: Interplay of superconductivity and magnetism in the two dimensional Kondo lattice model. Quantum Monte Carlo studies of soft bosonic systems and minimum energy pathways.

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A study of physical properties of ionic systems. Theory of spin effects in electron-electron scattering in metals.

matteo cococcioni thesis

Exchange and correlation energy in the adiabatic connection fluctuation-dissipation theory beyond RPA. Electronic properties of the compound with AlB2 structure.

Nersesyan Michele Fabrizio Role of frustration in quantum spin chains and ladders: Low-index surfaces reconstruction and its influence on vicinal surfaces: New theoretical results and simulations of surface melting.


A DFT+U study of a Ni-Mn-Ga magnetic shape.

Folding, stability and design of proteins. Variational description of Mott insulators.

Lattice vacancies and diffusion processes in crystalline silicon: Tosi Concentration fluctuations in liquid metal alloys Xiaoqian Wang Erio Tosatti Stefano Fantoni Correlated basis function method for fermions on a lattice: Quantum mechanical modeling of nano magnetism: Non-local correlation in Density Functional Theory. Transient dynamics of unconventional superconductors: Study and solution of the five-vertex model.

Stella Amos Maritan Rare events dominance in non equilibrium critical phenomena: Multicomponent strongly correlated fermions in optical lattices. First-principles study of a-Sn surfaces. Quantum mechanical modeling of the chemical reactivity of metal surfaces: The Gutzwiller variational approach to correlated systems.