Argillaceous and arneceous sequence represents the Surma and Tipam groups, respectively. Large circular phums 2. The most discussed project is the Loktak Multipurpose Project, which provides hydropower , irrigation and water supply benefits but has attracted adverse criticism for the drastic alteration caused by the project to the hydrological regime of the Loktak Lake and associated wetlands. The vegetable gardens which cultivate vegetables meant for sustenance help reduce the journey of the inhabitants to markets on the land. A fisherman feeds the fish in his athaphum. The construction of hydraulic structures, particularly the Ithai Barrage, is also leading to a decline in the biodiversity of Loktak Lake.

Particularly, good swimmers are sought, as they have to dive into the water to tie the stones with threads which are later tied up to the phum. Retrieved 5 April Small hillocks though showing degraded condition in the lake show big trees; birds of prey such as Milvus migrans lineatus and Circus aeruginosus have been recorded on these trees. From Corruption to Democracy: Several water resources development projects have been built in the Manipur River basin to meet growing demands for irrigation.

Retrieved 12 June The degradation of the catchment area has occurred.

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Her two children study in Imphal and stay with their grandparents because she did not want her children to be part of this lifestyle. Retrieved 13 March Views Read Edit View history. Archived from the original on 22 March View of Loktak Lake and Phumdis.

Subscribe to our daily newsletter now. In the habitat part of the rooted plants, Hydrophasianus chirurgusMetopidius indicusand others were reported; once abundant now show a declining trend.


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Human activity has led to severe pressure on the lake ecosystem. I magine standing on a piece of land that floats on water. The project design was sound but focus on ultimate goal was not adequate.

loktak lake essay

Fauna recorded in the precincts of the Lake in the Keibul Lamjo National Park are the Indian pythonsambarbarking deerthe endangered sangai species of Eld’s deerwild bearMuntiacus muntjakrhesus monkeyhoolock gibbonstump-tailed macaqueIndian civet Viverra zibethamarbled cat and Temminck’s golden cat.

The population of a number of economic plants such as Saccharum species, Setaria pumilaAlpinia nigraHedychium spicatum and the major food plants like the Zizania, Latifolia, Carex species, Coix species, Narenga has decreased resulting in starvation conditions for the endangered sangai deer. Rajmuhon 1 February Keibul Lamjao National Park.

She is also a part of the Pangsau Collective. It involves a team of about 20 fishermen and fisherwomen on six or seven canoes working for about six to eight hours. The design of a fish hatchery a Chinese design was too large and had to be scaled down. Ramsar Sites Information Service.

The Lake, located on the southern side of the Manipur river basin, is at the lowest elevation in the valley and no other major river flows into the lake, loktk a few rivulets. Where Are the Women in Indian Politics?

The World’s Only Floating National Park Is Located in India. And It Is Amazing.

Ibomcha further explained that it depended upon the owner to how long they wanted to leave the athaphum before catching the fish. Picture a lake where massive landmasses covered in shaggy green vegetation naturally generate over its surface. Ducks wandering around on the floating biomass. They are now protected against poaching, thinning of the phumdis, and even danger from other wild lakd. Mohit Raj Writer Categories: When he returned from his quest to find the deer, he found that she had already married a king.


Phum consists of heterogeneous vegetation, soil and organic matter which are at various stages of decomposition. Brighten up your Inbox! The problem in the lake is, however, diverse; economic activities in and around the lake, and encroachments by 50, fishermen for extensive fishing activity are also cited to be some reasons.

Other reasons for the distress situation in the ewsay are a jhum shifting cultivation, b extensive deforestation and unscientific land use practices in the catchment areas which bring large amount of silt into the lake and c undefined ownership of the lake where the stakeholders are the districts of Imphal west district, Bishnupur and Thoubal causing lack of integrated approach to the lakes potential for providing benefits.

loktak lake essay

The Dancing Deer The changing conditions at Loktak Lake have an adverse effect on the sangaithe brow-antlered deer for which the Manipur region is known. Great story and Rekha beat me to the nomination!

A fisherman ties the biomass.