Other journals may omit one or more of these sections. As outlined in the Society of Interventional Radiology Bylaws, the FSIR designation shall be granted to members of the Society who have made a significant contribution s to the field of interventional radiology and to the society. Instead, aim for a primary target and back up that post average review times of 1 month. Ruthlessly and repeatedly revise your manuscripts prior to submission and strip away unneeded text. What you can eventually do is point out how the publication of your manuscript might help offer some kind of solution to a debate that has been taking place in that journal for some time on the topic matter you deal with. Sorry, not going to pick favorites.

This opportunity will also allow you to determine what aspects of your case are worthy of emphasizing as you begin drafting your report. Remember, revisions are a critical aspect of writing. This is useful to reviewers, editors, and, ultimately, the readers. As you can see, the letter in Figure 2 is laid out neatly and professionally. I welcome correspondences—concise and quick. A single report rarely solves a question.

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Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Humor is dangerous and should be left well alone. Be careful not to get the name of the editor wrong. I welcome correspondences—concise and quick. You may also need to limit the number of articles you reference.

Ziv Haskal, Editor in Chief of JVIR Attending physicians and residents are often the best initial sources for students to gauge if a patient case is reportable: No need to overthink this. Do not include exact dates e. Ideally, try to find case reports covet closely tie to your case of interest at least the same organ system or broad type of procedure. The Instructions to Authors provide guidance as well.


A case report has a different format and level of depth than basic science or clinical study manuscripts and can provide a unique opportunity to learn and write about a patient you have helped care for. De-identify the data and crop or blur patient names from radiologic images.

Upon completing a thorough literature search, it is a good idea to regroup with your team and consult your mentor. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial License 3. The following is a non-inclusive list of journals heavy radiology theme and websites that regularly publish case reports:. Do not start writing a case report before choosing a target journal and at least one back up publication.

Use the relationship to learn what to write and how to write. Find a good mentor—a successful, published author with the time and interest in your topic and your development.

When performing a literature search, it is very important to keep a list of search terms and create a spreadsheet organizing information that has already been reported about your case.

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The original authors are always provided the opportunity to write a response. Submitting your case correctly will expedite the process and save critical time and cober for the reviewers, who are often practicing physicians.

Later, when submitting a revision to your paper, make your point-by-point response letter as clear as possible- pasting your revised text into the cover letter, or defend why you chose not to make changes.

jvir cover letter

This, for quite obvious reasons, lrtter especially important with resubmission following rejection. A disregard for the Instructions to Authors—e. The same goes for radiologic reports — if necessary, have an attending or cvoer help you with the wording.


Your mentor will be a great resource to help you determine the most important things to focus on. Additional questions and answers with Dr.

Similarly, many cases in Diagnostic Radiology are reported in order to highlight a unique presentation, rare imaging finding, or uncommon entity. Often, the use of a single search term is insufficient and will likely result in overlooking published information.

jvir cover letter

Pay particular attention to the following point:. Therefore, it is paramount that you incorporate all phrases, synonyms, and eponyms that are commonly used to describe aspects of your case. Write concisely, stay focused, and, importantly, with humility.

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When lstter author is considering submitting a case report to JVIR, how would you recommend guiding their decision of which format to use for their submission? Abstract, Introduction, Case Report sometimes broken up into different sections of a patient encounterand Discussion sometimes with a cver Conclusion section.

Be careful too should you copy and paste from previous cover-letter models. Make it easy for the editors to re-review your paper—we greatly appreciate it. That said, we apply the same editorial standards to student submissions as to those of tenured professors.