You are commenting using your Facebook account. In missed the final rank by 8 marks and got in the reserve list. I hope you got the idea. Without pondering over the bygone prelims, without worrying about which answer key to look at, without worrying about the difficulty level of the exam or without worrying about which all books to accumulate and refer to: Make a rough structure before you start writing. Many of you asked me about my study strategy i. Nagendra Singh tells his experiences here.

Here again, usage must not appear forced. Essay, together with GS, had pulled my rank down. You can start with a quote, an anecdote, or an ironical statement. Last year, my score was , and though break up differed it still remained the same this year, although I was expecting some rise: Overcome Failure and Try to become a Topper Failures, small or big, affect us all. But since , only marks of GS Paper 1 is counted, the other paper being qualifying in nature. It also has the most static portion of all the four GS papers — once you read the standard books and understand the content, answering questions from this paper becomes easier.

I have always had a certain discomfort, more of a mental barrier for topics related to science, technology, economy etc. No matter how confident you are in your writing skills, practicing a few essays beforehand is never a bad idea.

But sinceonly marks of GS Paper 1 is counted, the other paper being qualifying in nature.

Ethics & Essay Strategy for UPSC CSE Mains – Musings of a Curious Mind

It makes it easier for even the examiner to read a solution that is logical and clear. Do not avoid writing on a topic simply because you think everyone else would be writing on that topic too.


The content should have a flow to it. Of course, I was worried about this before the results because I really thought that this could work both insightsonindis. They derail our routine. I also added examples from the news, from history and from my own life to enrich my understanding of the values.

Some topics in GS syllabus are very tricky… specially culture, science and tech and environment. Then, I joined a test series specifically for ethics. Conclusion- After you have written your points in the essay, conclude in a forward looking and positive way.

insightsonindia essay strategy

Preface This article is a compilation of tips given by Mr. Use that knowledge judiciously. I will also try to answer some FAQs regarding essay preparation. Skip to content June 15, June 18, Saumya Sharma.

Have noted down few points regarding how I will try to accommodate in my strategy. Again coming to the women essay, my last strahegy paragraphs were about how things have drastically changed over the years, and while there might not be a fulfilled new Indian woman as of now, she is slowly but surely emerging.

Ethics & Essay Strategy for UPSC CSE Mains

But, you must not forget that the reason the protests are happening is the failure of the PDS machinery. Last year, my score wasand though break up differed it still remained the same this year, although I was expecting some rise: Like Liked by 2 people.


Mam Which pen did you use for mains answer writing? This site uses cookies.

insightsonindia essay strategy

Optimum way for others may vary from person to person. In the real exam, you should ideally attempt questions.

After two rounds of issuance in November and January this year, the government is preparing to launch the third tranche of the gold bond scheme. That said, I do have a few pointers that I think worked for me and I will be more than happy to share it with inaightsonindia all. Notify me of new rssay via email. Even though on paper, UPSC has reduced the weightage of optional to half and doubled GS, by its marking pattern the effective weightage of optional has become more than GS!

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A course of action that gradually gets stricter is better than something that is sudden and drastic. If there is flow in our essay, it will keep the examiner engaged throughout. Last article we discussed how crucial it was to reach to LOC before fighting the real battle. Learn everyday with Experts!!

Where is the link of your attempted essays, from where one may access your essays insightsoindia ethical answer writings…… Like Like. I had divided my time as follows: