Whereas at least 11 series are now reported varying from 20 to cases, significant differences in case reporting make comparing results potentially misleading. The initial statistical analysis of all the data collected in the present study was descriptive. Share Email Print Feedback Close. These findings agree with the results reported by other authors, according to which the peak incidence of seroma formation occurs approximately two weeks after surgery, when prophylactic drains would be useless 6 , 21 , In Rutkow IM, editor. Contraindications Very few contraindications exist to performing a TAP block.

Two recurrences that were repaired are included. It was verified that the hernial sac contains young fibroblasts and an expressive amount of smooth muscle fibers, followed by neovascularization that preserve the vitality of graft tissue 1. Operative Technique The technique used here is well described in the multi-center trial, 4 and adhered to in this study, with the exception of one case resulting in a recurrence discussed below. A total of 42 individuals with large incisional hernias were subjected to onlay mesh repair. After 30 days, all rabbits were distributed randomly and reoperated.

Analytical Study On Incisional Hernia.

The three groups with meshes presented larger presence of macrophages, when compared to the group without mesh. After an initial insult, an inflammatory response begins and remains during hours. The flap is advanced with the surgeon’s nondominant hand while polyglactin sutures are placed from the subcutaneous fat incissional the aponeurosis.

incisional hernia thesis

The healing was evaluated macroscopically through inciisional clinical analysis, following these criteria 9: Laparoscopic repair of large incisional hernias. Jose Gerilherme minossi, carlos antonio caramori, celso viera de sanza leite, leriz eduardo nausse.

The participants were randomised immediately after hegnia fixation by a computer-based random number generator and allocated to the two intervention groups. Scientific, intellectual, conception and design of the study, critical revision.


incisional hernia thesis

A patient with a primary ventral wall hernia can be expected to have far fewer adhesions, particularly versus an IVH where previous mesh closure has been attempted. Next, a 5 cm longitudinal incision from the linea alba was performed and another transversal incision in each corner, measuring 1 cm, including muscle, aponeurosis and peritoneum to create a hernial orifice.

We found that incisional hernia was more common in middle-aged patients yrs and in females.

Abdominal wall healing in incisional hernia using different biomaterials in rabbits

A direct cutdown approach was utilized for initiating pneumoperitoneum, with a 12 mm camera port being placed as far away from the defect as possible, often the left upper quadrant. The study of prosthesis retraction and the extension of this retraction have great importance considering that the surgeon could leave a proper safety margin around the mesh allowing repair without tensioning and preventing to pull along the mesh.

The most widely mentioned mechanisms for seroma formation are blood and lymphatic vessel injury during dissection, dead-space formation, shear forces among layers and the release of inflammatory mediators.

incisional hernia thesis

The patient recovered uneventfully but six months later has presented with a recurrence of her hernia. The participants were randomised to receive subcutaneous drainage or progressive tension sutures. The medial snip of the abdominal rectus sheath was sutured with the contralateral posterior medial snip, forming an intermediate layer of an imbrication of the three layers.

This would hednia the hrrnia of keeping the total repair via a laparoscopic approach, obviating the increased morbidity of an open approach under circumstances where the patient could not benefit from patch insertion due to contamination from the enterotomy.

Comparison of laparoscopic and open repair of incisional and primary ventral hernia: Twelve-year experience with expanded polytetrafluoroethylene in the repair of abdominal wall defects.


Maingot’s Abdominal Operations 9th ed. For those reasons, we believe that our results exhibit less bias and are closer to the real situation in large surgical incisionwl performed with the onlay technique. This website also contains material copyrighted by 3rd parties. The low weight meshes with macropores are better incorporated, flexible and they show lower reaction to foreign body; however they displayed high risk of adhesions This process minimize the dead space and and stabilizes the flap.

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Laparoscopic repair of recurrent ventral hernias. Consider the possibility of occult chronic liver disease in an incisional hernia patient, particularly if there appears to be no apparent reason—such as an associated wound infection or associated aneurysmal disease— for the development of the hernia.


Indian Journal Of Surgery ; Leblanc and Booth thseis reported the laparoscopic approach to the repair of incisional ventral hernias LIVH in1 and several series have now demonstrated the efficacy of minimally invasive surgery in ventral incisional hernia IVH repair. Although a difficult option to choose in the advent of an enterotomy during LIVH, the standard approach should be for patch removal and open thrsis repair.

George CD, Ellis H. The UP group exhibited less presence of tissue granulation in relation to the others.

Churchill Livingstone, ; ? Results are summarized in Table 2.