Large Oversize Material Oversize material larger than Thus, students are advised to consult with their supervisor or the Kulliyyah office of Postgraduate Studies for clarifications on issues that are not addressed in this manual. TABLES Tables must be accurate and easy to read, and care is required in spacing, ruling, arrangement of headings, and placement with respect to the text. When in doubt, More information. Example of Table Specification.. Did she say I m going? A specific note which refers to a particular column, row or individual entry:

This manual will help students to write their academic papers. A copy of your thesis will be archived in the More information. Chapter Heading and Subheadings. Thesis and Dissertation Formatting. Dissertation Guidelines Department of International Relations University of Malta The following details outline the expected standards by the Department of International Relations, University. Several meetings then have been held inviting views and comments by many experts from the IIUM staff comprising both academic and non-academic members.

If any printing appears on paper, that piece of paper is a page and must be counted and numbered. Subheadings are up to three levels: Size Quality Colour A4 Example of Title Page without coursework.

Preparation of the Thesis 1. There should be a minimum of two lines of a paragraph at the bottom of the page under the heading. Use of correction pen or tape is not allowed. However, between the last paragraph of a section and a Level Two subsequent subheading, there should be three spaces 3. Abdul Thssis Zainuddin Mr. Students are responsible to adjust extra spacing between words that may result from the justification of text. Guidelines for Writing the M.


Abdel Nasser, Gamal Not: Part 5 provides a detailed explanation on how to deal with in-text citations and Part 6 shows how bibliography entries should be presented. Ibrahim, if and only if it cannot fit the length of the spine.

The folds of the Hopefully, this manual would also be used by IIUM academic thexis and undergraduates in writing their academic papers. However, many points have been incorporated from other publication manuals for consistency in publication. A key or scale if included should be placed beside or within the figure.

If there are brackets after the quotation mark, the comma or period is after the brackets, such as in the following example: Alternatively, very large oversize material may be bound and folded into a separate volume. Place the table number above the table, and centre both; place the title below the table number, centred and single-spaced, spanning the width of the table. Back matter, 14, answers to problems, 61 A Acknowledgement, See also Credit line Acquisitions editor,4, 7 Additional reading, 13 Advertising creative services manager, 6 mailings, 96 marketing plan, 3 A-head, 48 AIT designation, 77 More information.

iium thesis manual 2011

The use of microfilming and photocopying methods must be done with great care. A Acknowledgement, See also Credit line Acquisitions editor,4, 7 Additional reading, 13 Advertising creative services manager, 6 mailings, 96 marketing plan, 3 A-head, 48 AIT designation, If a person s name is found in more than one romanized form, choose the form that occurs most frequently.


The top and bottom margins for the cover page must be 6. As it contained guidelines that have been approved by all the Kulliyyahs, at various stages of its preparation, it should precede all other manuals.


Enter the full name beginning with the first name. Candidates should follow this More information. Quotations of more than 40 words set off from the text and indented six spaces from the left and right margins f. Did she ask, Are you going?

iium thesis manual 2011

Objective This tutorial is designed for users who are new More information. Candidates should follow this.


It must be scanned into the text. Other sources were also consulted including suggestions from various lecturers. For periods elsewhere manyal other punctuation marks comma, colon, etc.