They have to build on their strengths, work on their weakness and create their opportunities which would in the process create a strong base for India Yamaha Motors. At present it is planning to launch 4 new bikes in the future. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The company had earlier tried promoting their product through John Abraham as the brand ambassador but the story was still the same Yamaha did not benefit that much from this endorsement. The company has been able going about and doing a lot of promotion and also with the help of a strong brand positioning strategy it has made it possible to bring about a rise in the market share of the company.

How to write a synopsis essay. The IIPM course lasts 22 months and includes 1, hours of teaching. What is your target market fo Fcused on by the company? Their new strategy is to expand and get more distributors so that their sales volumes are high so for that a proper distribution is required. It is the only automotive manufacturer in India to get the prestigious Deming Prize which is an award for excellence. High Court of Uttarakhand.

IIPM then closed all its branches save for a research and training institute in Delhi. The superior performance brings riding feel, which when you ride provides you an emotional high. They have also moved into promoting merchandising of accessories which would be given if the customer purchased the products bikes in the showroom. What are your plans on giving the customer a good service experience?

But how would sybopsis be any different from the other products that the competitors had to thesls. There were other problems like attrition in the company.

iipm thesis synopsis

This could be compared to the FZ16 and FZ-S because it is close in terms of pricing, cubic centimeters and speed. New DelhiDelhiIndia. Skip to main content.


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The company could not sustain its grip on the market share even though it has been surviving in the market it was not able to penetrate the market because of the image that syonpsis bikes which were manufactured created in the perception of the potential customer even though there was extreme potential in the growing Indian economy which has been on the rise since the early s till date.

Then in it launched an upgrade which was with alloy wheels and it had its thesiss shock absorber had gas-filled Nitrox absorber. Yamaha plans to make the country an export hub for engines and bikes, including shipments to the US and Japan, besides bolstering its dealer and after-sales service network here.

There are other player which are there in the market like Honda Motors and Enfield which is a niche player. Yamaha is set to re-establish itself as an ‘Exclusive and Trusted’ manufacturer of top quality motorcycles.

iipm thesis synopsis

It is evident synopssis analysis that the Indian Consumers are the one who fall under the category of wait and watch. Archived from the original on 11 April Two- wheeler sales in the country have sky rocketed in the recent years, and the annual sales of motorcycles in India expected to cross the 10 million mark by It has created an image in the minds of the youth segment that this bike is really the must have bike for them and it best suits the image that always wanted to portray in the current scenario.

Depending on the credit appraisal, finance amount may be decreased or BAF India may not be able to finance to the customer. Sample of synopsis for thesis. The company could lose the created market share by the company. Iippm from the original on 3 May But after Mitsui has acquired 30 per cent stake it has been having good financial support.


iipm thesis synopsis

We have to very well understand that the very reason for the drop in sales in motorcycles were because of the global slowdown and due to people cutting cost in the process. If the companies which have not been able to place itself in the market then they will have to spent more on promotion to build their brand in the market.

Archived from the original on 1 April So Yamaha came up with a segment which would define the era of new biking in India.

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Remember me on this computer. Synopsix is your brand positioning strategy? The institute also offers PhD and Fellowship programmes for postgraduates.

Mid Day Infomedia Ltd. Archived from the original on 1 December The research would involve collecting information through questionnaire surveys and by conducting interviews during the ongoing process of the research. But the good part was that they were pretty motivated to purchase a two-wheeler in the next few months ahead.

Are you aware of the new bikes which are launched by India Yamaha Motors? Archived from the original Microsoft Word on 22 March The new bike was launched so that it could maintain its leadership position in the Indian market in the kipm bikes segment.