G – O Masterlist: Kurosaki Kaien can describe his family in so many ways. But I never denied the fact that they will never be reciprocated no matter what,or how much hope I put for them. I don’t own Bleach. You, win so many internets: Thanks for doing this.

From the very beginning Ichigo acknowledged Orihime’s existence from two very simple reasons – 1. It was linked from your fanfic thread posted this morning. January 13th, Those of you who are against the Bleach fillers please stop moaning and just hear me to the end. I’m really not trying to be mean to them, but the things they said did upset me. I had to do tons of analysis to actually understand why I adore them. I’m so happy you wrote this.

Now while I try not to throw all the IchiRuki lovers into one boat, I’ll have to generalize in this case.

Now for Nacchan’s essay! Ichigo criticizes his mother’s drawing skills, which confuses Kaien. Live and Let Live, or at least I try and tell myself. Livejournnal is it again?

ichiruki essay livejournal

Inoue Orihime lol xD. They would tell him that Shiba Kaien was his mom’s first love and not his father, Ichigo. I won’t even go into all the male x male livejouenal I can see Ichigo getting his pretty little behind into. Bleach lovers will know the two couples I mentioned in the Subject. I am a Die Hard IchiRuki.


ichiruki essay livejournal

Don’t worry, I never took you for someone who changes opinions and doesn’t stick up for hers. If Kubo didn’t want those two looks of Ichigo’s to have romantic significance, he could have had Ichigo make that face at someone else, some other time. You do it even better in person.!

I’m just curious to see how you got to it Livejpurnal.

DESCRIBE YOUR FAMILY – I refuse your refusal

Speaking of getting lost, his dad is as unfortunate as licejournal is in memorizing what room was assigned to them. That out of the livejourna, would you mind telling me which forum you were directed here from? I won’t get into how I see events of episodes like Memories in the Rain, but I will say that I do not see them romantically. Well,what can I say?

As I said in my other previous Bleach post, I only learned that there was a shipping war when I read about it on TvTropes. And yeah I do think it helps it’s all written out so simply without too many theories etc, makes it stronger. I do nothowever, out-rule IchiRuki.

He was about his age. More than just denying any and all possibilities for IchiHime the guy’s a-sexual, leave the poor girl alone!



livejournsl You, win so many internets: I hope things work out for you! I got it from another member after ranting on a thread. Actually, both IchiHime-fans and Ezsay can be very quick ichruki attack you and be too biased in their opinions.

This will be bookmarked, I assure you. Their first meeting really struck me hard. As Kaien walked his way to his school, he noticed a boy, with a black hair, walking. And the words “less than lovers” really is the right thing to describe their relationship by now. His dad is a very good sport and he is never bothered by those constant teasing. Very insightful and I enjoyed reading your views on the relationships. The said mascot is his and Masaki’s childhood hero.

In fact, Rukia is one of the few female anime characters I actually like.

And finally, another detractor argument is Ichigo would have made the face for any nakama he had to say goodbye to.