Rittika Mallik is a computational biologist. She will work on TE differences among elephants. Great speeches were made, and Dr. We welcome our newest faculty member, Dr. A number of Communication Studies folks will gather outside Colvard in the downstairs breezeway at 5:

Stephanie Perez Robles is interested in aquatic and marine biology. The University Speaking Center developed associated exercises to help ease public speaking apprehension when conveying information about its services. People Rebekah Rogers – PI. She worked on annotation and assembly of the bivalve genome. Shoemaker received top honors for quality individual consultations and workshop engagements, leadership, mentoring and scholarship.

Oh, and Jiang’s office will be a street away from the beach — perfect. I added some “happy zone” music there.

Congratulations to Debbie Baker, University Speaking Center founder and director, and Unvc Shoemaker, undergraduate consultant at the University Speaking Center, for their proposal acceptance at the National Association of Communication Centers Excellence at the Center conference.

The team has three more states on its own travel itinerary, with more to come.

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Make sure that you click on the “play” button. I was wondering if anyone had 4 extra tickets that I could buy from you? Jiang was interviewed, live, by chief news anchor Brent Goff on Germany’s public international broadcas Three cheers for Dr. AND at the Carolinas Communication Association, our students and faculty were well represented on a panel that talked about speaking centers and teaching public speaking skills in any class that needs to address oral communication.


Enter your email address below. Many thanks to Toni’s committee, Dr.

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She is also performing phenotypic assays on D. Jiang visited Berea College in Kentucky, where she spoke to students and faculty and led a lecture and discussion session on the Chinese Internet and social media. In addition to jonors consultant recognition, Shoemaker has been awarded membership in the National Communication Association.

honors thesis uncc

As noted by Dr. University Speaking Center director and founder Debbie Baker stated: She will work on TE differences among elephants.

honors thesis uncc

Hardly — but Associate Professor Min Jiang has three great news items to share! UNC Charlotte Speech has won its first team award of the season!

Rebekah L. Rogers: Evolutionary Genetics

Gallicano served as her advisor, and Dr. We’re proud of Communication Honors Student Andrea Levi and her honors colleagues for presenting their initial foodways course research findings at the Honors Research Showcase on Friday.

Theresa is currently applying for graduate school in evolutionary genetics. Hosted by Brazil’s top law school, FGV Law School, Jiang will work thssis other fellows on data protection and cybersecurity policy research in BRICS countries, teach classes, give public lectures and work on her own book.


She has led the bivalve hlnors and annotation project in the Rogers Lab. Cathy leads molecular work in the lab. She is working on repetitive elements in elephant genomes.

He is a math and statistics major who enjoys Big Data analysis for biological data. Sections of this page.

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A member of the team also won an individual award in Slam Poetry. Debbie Baker gave a heartfelt undc to our beloved Associate Dean, Dr.

She has identified recently proliferating transposable elements in the genomes of Asian and African elephants. The University of North Carolina Charlotte thesiw zooming! We are truly lucky to have her at our center! Shoemaker received top honors for quality individual consultations and workshop engagements, leadership, mentoring and scholarship.

Toni is continuing her research this summer with her advisor, Dr.