On the day of the arrival of the US president, Thursday June 14th, the commander of the police campaign took the decision to detain people present at a school. Some commentators would argue that these concepts are of a different category, coercion and repression designating the execution of actions intended to influence a party, while power when used to refer to a property of an individual or collective actor is arguably best conceived as a disposition, the capacity of one actor to influence other actors Morriss ; Lukes []. In I became involved in a project led by Abby Peterson on the polic- ing of protest in Sweden and Denmark. The Production of Space. Protest policing tactics in the decades prior to the s were not very different from those in Denmark, however the Swedish police never began employing tear gas. At the third ministerial conference of the World Trade Organization WTO , called to launch negotiations aimed at increasing market liberalization, a countersummit is organized by a heterogeneous group of protesters ranging from trade unionists to envi- ronmentalists to anarchists.

Some performances spread from one countersummit to the next by pamphlets and alternative newspapers, increasingly available on the web, as well as active teaching. That is, we cannot know whether the correlation indicates militant protest tactics causing hard policing tactics, or if it is primarily an effect of hard-line policing provoking aggressive responses from activists. In terms of generic properties of negotiation, it seems that there must ini- tially be different positions with regard to an object the meaning of a con- cept, a norm, a position within a structure, etc. The Sociology of Accounts. In May Danish police in Copenhagen opened fire on demonstrators and wounded at least 11 people. Comparative Perspectives on Social Movements:

Qualitative Data An- alysis: An Overview and Assessment. Henri Lefebvre [] succinctly de- scribes this urban public space: The EU approach to transnational protest policing. On waves, clusters, and diffusion: Important theoretical work was done by Pam Oliver and Dan Myers a number of years ago, when they concluded that the mixes of actions emitted by different kinds of actors evolve change over time, and.


The sugges- tions that came out of the project were, however, strongly rejected by several bodies within the police interview police Stockholmand the work conse- quently had to be further developed by another constellation of people. It’s the best way to produce knowledge that will really work, if anyone is willing to try it.

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I gathered much valuable interview material from the Danish police, but because of time shortage, I have been disswrtation to finish my analyses of this material. This type of self-policing is certainly interesting infor- mation in itself, even if the interview did not seem to reveal very much about the discussions that might occur in backstage settings cf.

The Making of Protest and Protest Policing: Negotiation, Knowledge, Space, and Narrative

In Gothenburg, for instance, I had problems arrang- ing interviews with police officers to the extent that I would have liked, since the police commanders thought that this was too costly during working hours. Alexis Eisenhofer is a founding partner of financial. During andin anticipation of the demolition of the regionally well-known squat Ungdomshuset the Youth Housethe overall level of conflict between police and radical groups escalated see Karpantschof and Lindblom In the Swedish case, the difficulties of the city guards to contain the March riots in Stockholm, with 18 protesters shot to death, appear to have constituted a tipping point in a process that led to an extensive reorganization resulting in a modern Stock- holm city police authority Furuhagen Jepsen identifies a contradictory tendency in the devel- opment of police approaches in the s and s.

Few studies of contentious politics linked the diffusion of new social movements to the coevolution of opposing forces.

Porsche Consulting: “Fully automated farm machinery will be commonplace”

Inthe Youth House was sold to a company that resold it to a Christian sect, after which followed several years of legal processing about the ownership of the house. The Case against Paramilitary Policing. Furthermore, it would have been practically impossible for me to be present during all of the occasions when policing protest events were reflected upon in relation to various new tactical considerations. With some national and international companies and some 30, employees, all major companies are represented in the VDMA Agricultural Machinery Association.


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The Antinomies of Bhaskar’s Realism. Raffaele Marchetti Personal address: In on November 30, the commemoration day of the controversial 18th century king Karl XII, the disserrtation were unable to stop a violent clash between neo-Nazis and anti-fascists in Stockholm.

heribert reiter dissertation

Each has to be seen as part of an interactive process of social learning between protesters and their antagonists. American Jour- nal of Sociology, Since there were few transgressive protest campaigns in Sweden during which the new police tactics were seriously challenged, the phenomenon became less important in my dissertation than I had first thought.

University of Minnesota Press. Princeton Uni- versity Press.

heribert reiter dissertation

Thank you also for giving me the means and the encouragement to navigate in the international research arena. In the evening there were continued clashes between protesters and the police in a nearby park, during which the police opened fire and wounded three people. I argue that this, at least partly, demonstrates internal censoring within both groups, especially when relating to outsiders.

Narrative and Social Movements, Joseph E. The innumerable and improvised ways in which the different actions, like musical notes, rditer arranged makes heribedt constant innovation.

Yet, for some purposes it is important to be able to identify when negotiations are initiated or ended, and then one might want to use the occurrence of explicit communication as a criterion for this. The international Climate summit hosted by Copenhagen in December is, at the time of writing, the most recent occasion for major protests in Denmark.