Supporting Ellen Kiel during Cutthroat Politics. Completing story instances and challenges in Point of No Return. Participating in the events of Clockwork Chaos. If a player loses all their hearts, they lose a life and are moved back to the last known checkpoint with maximum hearts. Completing story instances and challenges in the release Flashpoint and the zone Draconis Mons.

The bonus zone requires completion of the third zone to be accessed each time. The exception to this is the two bonus zones Cart and Robbers. Players must climb into the cannons to be shot onto other clouds with Cloud Flags, and must interact with each flag to get the achievement. Enemies are also likely to drop keys in this mode. Complete any two zones of Super Adventure Box in a party.

Guide to Daily Super Adventure Festival achievements

Repeatable achievements for participating in the Super Adventure Box. Players will be under a hidden transform effect, effectively making all skills inaccessible except for the ones given inside the box.

gw2 coursework achievement

Supporting Ellen Kiel during Cutthroat Politics. Completing challenges in Dragon’s Stand. Completing achievements related to magic anomalies.

gw2 coursework achievement

Accounts where the level of the highest character that ever existed is below level 11 will only see one achievement per category; accounts with a highest character between levels will see three achievements per category.

The first and second zones have a Cage as the final boss, while the third zones have a unique and harder boss. Structured PvP daily achievements fall into three categories: Small tasks in Siren’s Landing ; resets and changes each day. Many achievements acuievement multiple tiers and a notification will appear upon completing each tier. The number of hearts, the player’s total health, can be increased by gaining Heart Vessels.


Map of Super Adventure Box. Current equipment and traits will have no effect on the character. The achievements available for accounts with only low level characters are axhievement out on the table below. Players can also heal themselves as usual, by using skill 6, which requires recharging by purchasing Health Refills from shopkeepers. Equipping cultural armors and collecting skins in the wardrobe. A Bug in the System. Players can only visit zones they have already completed.

Players must have either the Digger or the Nice Scoop to dig up the chests.

GW2 Super Adventure Box 2019 Event Guide

Items will need to be collected in order as well. The player cannot change, equip, or remove equipment while in the box. The race starts at the opposite end of the lobby from the entrance and involves quite a bit of jumping. Act 3 Path of Fire: Infantile Mode provides rainbow paths over the more difficult jumping puzzle portions of the zones.

Players can restore achievemenh hearts by eating food which can drop from enemies or from breaking items in shops. Falling from a height onto a coursewkrk surface e.


The Head of the Snake. Completing story instances and challenges in the third act of Path of Fire. Completing story instances and challenges in the release Daybreak and the zone Domain of Istan.

Daily Super Adventure Festival – Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W)

Super Adventure Festival March 30, – April 20, There are currently five skin sets, each containing all 16 non-aquatic weapons and a backpack, and each set shares the same models and animations, but is colored in a different hue, their color following the Bauble value color scale.

An achievement can be added or removed by toggling the eye in the bottom right corner of each achievement on and off. Torture platformers have been cited as a direct inspiration for the mode. This key section of the article is incomplete.

Skills and other purchased enhancements are character-bound will only be available to that character which bought coursewor skill.

Act 2 Heart of Thorns: Participating in the Halloween events of Shadow of the Mad King in or subsequent years.