Our Creative Writing International collaboration with Writers’ Centre Norwich provides online or face-to-face courses in poetry and fiction set over 12 or 24 weeks. We will discuss the idea of drafting a novel as opposed to capturing one perfected single draft, writing chronologically as well as non-chronologically, how to cope with big setbacks and wrong turns and the problems of the often unreliable super-ego. All classmates to respond constructively in class. I’m certain it will be an extremely valuable experience for those participating. Looking at diaries, official records, letters, e-mails. There will also be a minute session at the start or the end of each workshop where further literary extracts or pre-set texts will be discussed and further technical exercises set, or for visiting speakers to hold seminars and answer questions.

Three students will read work and receive feedback per session, for 45 minutes each. But what kind of assumptions about lives and stories inform this idea of biography. What have you discovered about memoir as a genre? There will be several small writing projects to complete during the course, culminating in a 5, word final submission, during the creation of which students will receive one-on-one feedback and support from Ross in tutorial. All Guardian Masterclasses are fully accessible – but please contact us if you have any queries or concerns. A novel might traditionally have a mix of scene and summary, the former telling the story in action and the summary functioning as exposition that bridges scenes.

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Individual private tutorials with the tutor Six students will be seen each week. Biography has embraced a new style which blends the narrative inventions of fiction with the historical authority of the traditional profile. Our alumni include three Man Booker Prize winners among a host of other highly successful contemporary novelists. A writer must learn to redraft with a critical eye. Student Life Campus Life. Go to About Us home. From prize-winning creative non-fiction to celebrity tell-alls and confessional misery-lit, memoirs have generated critical exaltation, controversy and some serious sales.


Details This course has now passed — but we update our programme all the time.

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End of an era The aim of this session is to do a final roundup of the course, to look at everything that has been covered and refresh our minds about what has been learned. Tutorials Tutorials x 6 students to guagdian feedback on short story 1 Session This course is no longer running.

It can mean many things. Timings and specifics The course will have places for 12 participants who will meet for one three-hour session per week 6.

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The course will have places for 12 participants who will meet for one three-hour session per week 6. Please note that the course will take place in four, 6-week semesters. How to tell a story – this level will focus on the art of good storytelling gurdian will introduce students to the craft of narrative fiction.

guardian uea creative writing masterclass

Should the two voices mastrclass the same? In the second half of the session we will explore the question of voice and voices in biography through written exercises that will draw on letters, diaries, memoirs and interviews.

How to turn your idea into a novel

In recent years, the traditionally linear autobiography has been transformed by numerous inventive new genres. How do you accurately masterclaas how people from your past spoke — and how do you get round this?

Guarvian can also register your interest in creative writing classes here. Ross Raisin is a prize-winning author. Over six months students will learn the component parts to creating a story, how to establish a strong foundation and key techniques employed by authors in a workshop environment.

This will be determined by ongoing assessment and a final submission of 5, words. Workshopping Five writers present word section of their final submission for workshopping. Three students will read work and receive feedback per session, for 45 minutes each.


The discussion will centre around a close look at choosing the right point of view for your novel and why this is an essential decision in the early stages of planning and writing the first draft of a novel.

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We will also discuss the merits and drawbacks of the choices of each point of view. In the second half of the session we will review our work so far and see what issues have emerged from our discussions that will need to be taken into account as the course crfative. Does description height, colour of hair and eyes, clothing help us here?

It will provide you with an opportunity to get some response from the tutor to the biography you are writing and discuss your plans tuardian its development. We will look at the work of Rachel Cusk and Julie Myerson amongst others. These three to nine-month courses are led by award-winning writers and are fully accredited by UEA. Refunds will not be given to students who miss sessions or drop out of the course once the full fee has been paid. We will continue with discussions and readings designed to extend our exploration of the genre and there will be more class visits by leading biographers.