If you are visiting Maharashtra, then you can plan a visit to Bijapur from Mumbai or Pune. The most noted highlight of this monumental heritage is its acoustic feature wherein a sound echoes 11 times over and can be heard at a distance 37 km. Yes, the dome is quite impressive and the food is yum! Regular buses also ply from various cities to Bijapur. You may also Like These!

Experience the acoustic marvel of the whispering gallery. One can visit a plethora of places nearby this much-renowned dome in the small city of Bijapur. Mahabodhi Temple – Gaya. The gumbaz even echoed the tick tick of the clock! This area is an alluring point of its architecture as they reflect the echoing sounds for more than ten times. Retrieved 14 September

I might have a hard time getting them out of there!

I feel like I could have stayed there forever just listening to esasy echo. The dome looks pretty big. I have never heard about Gol Gumbaz gubaz but I plan on visiting the Maharastra area and I might include this in the trip as well! The Gol Gumbaz architecture is unique. Dchs ap english language three cs argument Gol gumbaz essay in hindi Next how to write a review of related literature apa legal thesis argumentative essay topics english essay on computer education Free Essays on Essay On Gol Gumbaz In Essay on ‘The Taj Mahal’ in English is also available.


The excellent architecture and the magnanimous size has earned Gol Gumbaz the title of being ‘second largest dome in the world’.

gol gumbaz essay in english

I love the name Gol Gumbaz. Retrieved 14 September This gumba monument was constructed by the architect Yaqut of Dabul, in the year This massive dome measures feet in diameter.

The Mystery of the Whispering Gallery of Gol Gumbaz

Constructed as per the Deccan architecture, Gol Gumbaz is one of the most significant monuments of India located in the state of Karnataka. I can imagine being freaked out the in Whispering Gallery, hearing all those noises!

gol gumbaz essay in english

Tamil Nadu – The Heritage Emblem Tamil Nadu comes as gu,baz resque to all those who want to enjoy the nature’s marvels along with the man made heritages of India. I felt myself at times, as if I were there, shadowing you, as you transcended time. Architectural style Islamic architecture. Golden Temple in Amritsar.

As an architect, I appreciate very much this post. I love the architecture of these buildings! Architecture and Art of the Deccan Sultanates.

Gol Gumbaz – Wikipedia

Sign in with Google. By a stroke of luck or because of my Karma or esssay because of the sweltering heat, the gallery was virtually empty, barring a group of students which included a guitar toting young man with a rock star kind of hairdo. Yes, it is hard to come away from there. Compare quotes from upto 3 travel agents for free.


I CRAVE HISTORY: Gol Gumbaz, Bijapur, Karnataka, India

India’s highest rated travel app 4. The place was now totally empty as the group of students had left a few minutes back. I would love it! Situated gmbaz the small town of Bijapur in enlish state of Karnataka, Gol Gumbaz was constructed by Mohammed Adil Shah as his tomb to bury the mortal remains, right after his accession to the throne in At a distance of km is the nearest airport of Belgaum.

gol gumbaz essay in english

The mausoleum was built in the year by an architect named Yaqut who ostensibly hailed from a place called Dabul, also known as Dabhol, a small seaport town in Ratnagiri District, MaharashtraIndia. The gumbaz even echoed the tick tick of the clock! Sounds like an amazing gymbaz. India never fails to fascinate me.


This was supposed to be the Mausoleum for Ali Adil Shah and his wives, he wanted it gubaz be an architectural wonder, par excellence. I did not know that. Meaning ‘the circular dome’ the second largest dome in the world, after the St.