It is felt that a new system will greatly benefit all teachers within the school and will hopefully encourage more teachers to actually use the computing facilities more, if it is easier to make a booking. Less than How often do you make a double booking per week approximately? Supervisor makes relevant amendments vii. You must read through the whole scenario assignment before. By analysing their results, I hope I can tailor the system directly to their needs. Planning I will interview Mr.

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The user will then select a period.

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g064 exemplar coursework

Benefits for the school of using a relational database: Pupils attend school between 9am and 4pm and gg064 live in the local area. In addition, staff can make changes to certain aspects of it, which could potentially cause huge issues if they were to delete things by mistake!


The spreadsheet is already open. I am happy to meet with you on 10 th September for you to observe the current system.

G064 example coursework

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User wishes to view the map of the school: The company specialise in formal Hire. It provides a central courwework for sharing information with.

g064 exemplar coursework

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There are courseworm teachers in the school, any of whom may want to make use of the special rooms. I will also gain customer satisfaction by using my questionnaire, which I will give to a sample of teachers who use the current system which will give me a more user approached view of what needs to be incorporated into the new system.

Courework mark of 3 would be appropriate.

This will then create a duplicate spreadsheet which is again, an irritating problem which is left for me to resolve. The company specialise in formal Hire More information.

OCR Exemplar Coursework. Shelley Academy Room Booking System. OCR G Exemplar Coursework – PDF

To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. A see above answer Q Which aspects of the system would need to be password protected? Here are a few tips: Costs of buying an off the shelf solution versus costs of designing a custom-built solution.


Q What data is stored in the system? Q Will the teachers need a user guide to instruct them how to use the system? Design of Inputs The following are the screen for the user to input items either by clicking or typing.

Using this type of system would require all teacher details to be entered into the system manually, which could be irritating.

OCR Exemplar Coursework. Shelley Academy Room Booking System. OCR G064 Exemplar Coursework

For example, I would want to be the only one who could add new members of staff or amend room details e. They back up what Mr Dattani told me about some of the problems in the current g04 and show how important it will be to make courseworkk system which is easy to use, with multiple concurrent user access. Before I take my first class, I ll guide you through the basics. Mr Dattani is a teacher in the school who has special responsibility for co-ordinating coursewprk bookings.

Communicating with Skype for Business Communicating with Skype for Business Information Services Communicating with Skype for Business This guide is for people who are new to Skype for Business, and provides information on how to begin using More information.