Thirdly, when Mosese speaks against the brutality of the government, he is detained on the grounds that he was a drug peddler. Mulili threatens him that he shall pay for his actions and true to his words Jere s put behind bars. Write an essay to support this statement The stifling political system of Kafira is an epitome of many African dictatorial governments. He wrote a number of books including: Write a composition to illustrate how materialism or greed have been used by Bertolt Bretch in his play the Caucasian Chalk Circle. Mulili who has risen to post of soldier misuses power by oppressing others.

These leaders, instill fear ruled with absolute powers that made them gods over their subjects. Unfortunately, Boss forcefully tries to get her and she is forced to escape by jumping out of a ten foot high window. Hi -The killing of Adika in a peaceful student demonstration asking for political rights is an unjust action. He was said to be dangerous to peace loving people. You do the listening, I talk. Kabito regards him as a thief, an army drop-out and a second rate farmer who knows nothing about entertaining a visitor Tumbo was forced by boss to put him in committee for security reasons.

He asks his parents whether he should betrrayal and confess the murder. Students are always treated suspiciously whenever they put them on but he is ready to face the consequences.

Betrayal in the City Essay

He is inconsiderate and will do anything to earn acres of farmland and cattle. The head of state boss puts Mulili, a cousin of his, in a senior government position so that he can inform him on every intricate detail in the government.


He easily makes friends with Mosese in prison.

Prisoners are taking part in the play to entertain the visiting head of state to show national unity. The head of …. Jere is imprisoned oj falling out with Mulili.

essay questions on betrayal in the city by francis imbuga

Those who have spoken the truth have not lived …. Explain how the violation of human rights by the regime has affected the people of Kafira. Like you I only have two close friends left in this world.

He even insists he is a politician. According to Jere, the character in the Pilate story his fellow inmate did not want to be Pilate and instead insisted on being Jesus. You are greatbut kindly help me solve this: For example Tumbo is in charge of the money which has been allocated for an award winning play to be staged for a visiting head of state.

Essay questions on Betrayal in the City – kkiarien

Mulili is indeed the green snake in the grass. Using the guns, the actors challenge Boss and his cronies in a cleverly crafted coup.

On a number of instances, Mulili betrays those he deals with.

He tells Tumbo that during the holiday he would sit in the house and vegetate since the state regards the youth as neither children nor adults but fence sitters. This shows us what is happening in Kafira — imbuta corruption, injustice and oppression of the people. He allows a fugitive, Mustafa, to escape across the border.

Betrayal in the City Essay Example for Free (#2) – Sample words

Write an essay to support this statement The stifling political system of Kafira is an epitome of many African dictatorial governments. Tumbo, a government official organizes for meeting with Boss. Your Answer is very helpful for Us Thank you a lot! There is personal dimension of betrayal evident when Mulili betrays Kabito during the entertainment committee meeting. However, Tumbo single source it and plans to report through media that it was the best play among eighty.


He feels that they have killed the past and are busy killing the future. While referring to the terror inflicted on the citizens by Boss and his henchmen, Jusper tells Regina, they come quietly when you are least expecting and before you realize it, they have pounced on you like hungry leopards. Designed for college textbooks – textbookhttp: It is the level of instruction that enables individuals to acquire regard and acknowledgment.

Adika has been killed during a university student demonstration.

essay questions on betrayal in the city by francis imbuga

Surely, Jusper kills him for kafira, for all of us and likes of him. Tumbo also fails to conduct a play writing competition and instead chooses Jusper and pays him only a third of the money.

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Tumbo tells Jusper that there is a good potato in the work they are about to do in bt to money.