I have been devoting the majority of my free time to do what I love the most which is reading. The Night Market Narrative Essay: How Internet Affects Life By: Through these social networks, we can add more friends and make new friends. Therefore, it is clear that friends play a vital role in shaping who we are today. The test score works as a proof of their language proficiency and knowledge. Zizy Zizy Sunday, February 07,

Pls just mind your own bussiness.. If we are caught up on the old things, is there really room for us to improve? Anonymous Monday, July 23, 8: Internet users can enjoy themselves at anytime watching their favourite artists’ performance for free. First of all, I would like to introduce about myself. Im being my true self with the values, dreams and goals that I have.

Besides, it is a waste of money. In fact, there are among us here today who smoke without thinking that their actions actually violate the school regulations and they are actually causing harm to their health.

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It’s very helping me for my examination that is around the corner Loyalty is a quality everyone looks for in a friend. Great information about writing!


We have free audio pronunciation exercises. I think ‘Not only do we pay’ suits the part better.

Notify administrators if there is objectionable content in this page. We can also know friends from other country as these social networks are used internationally.

They can visit the websites and revise their studies in more exciting way. Friends are something that comes and goes exsay our lives. They will only sit and ignore what is happening around them. With the sudden change of early lunch and late lunch, students find themselves in a tight clinch.

English Essay: Smoking

I would like to present on the topic “About Myself”. How Internet Affects Life By: Im being my true self with the values, dreams and goals that I have.

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english essay ulbs

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im writting a oral presentation about myself!

Anonymous Thursday, September 21, Anonymous February 11, at 7: Thank you for the useful samples of the uulbs. Are you brave enough to let our tutors analyse your pronunciation? It has a standard structure and order. For example, an honest friend will remand you on your declining grades and will ask you to work harder while a dishonest friend will see it with a blind eye.

im writting a oral presentation about myself!

Besides improving your health, it can also help you to forget smoking. Adults and children, especially teenagers, play a huge role in everyday lives since many are role models. We even consider some our long-lost siblings. Many thanks for your comment Newer Post Older Post Home.

Friends are something we rely on as esasy.