The wedding concludes and Lola Nidora demands that Frankie hand over the payment for the ransom money. List of Kalyeserye episodes “Tamang Panahon”. Their search is short-lived when they find a different person wearing identical clothes to Yaya Dub. Nidora then tells both that just because they are apart, does not mean that they cannot feel each other. Lola Nidora arrives and thanks Yaya Dub and Alden because they have agreed, although reluctantly, to the marriage. Retrieved 19 April First time the Riding-in-Tandem appears in the series where they delivered Alden’s presents to Yaya Dub.

Meanwhile, Jimmy is eager to meet Lola Nidora. The two celebrate their weeksary by exchanging dubsmashes while Lola Nidora attempts to get back inside the limousine. Lola Nidora issues a challenge to Alden that would allow him to see Yaya Dub after the show. Retrieved 13 February — via YouTube. Retrieved 14 March Retrieved 28 November

Nidora looks for Alden bylaga he needs to be there at the house to retrieve the box of jewellery. Retrieved 17 March Retrieved 16 November Alden opens the box to find a ring and presents it to Yaya Dub.

She then tells Yaya and Alden that the right time for them to meet is near. Nidora is happy with her restrictions on the pair in the beginning as they have become stronger as a couple because of them. Retrieved 3 February Retrieved 14 October Nidora lets Alden and Yaya converse when their call is cut short after someone takes the phone away from Yaya. Frankie is shown to be serenading Yaya Dub but to no avail.


EAT BULAGA SEPTEMBER 1 PART 1/2 ALDUB KalyeSerye – video dailymotion

Ang mga Hula sa Diary – Facebook”. Their aunt had taken care of the triplets before and Nidora assures Yaya that she will be in good hands. Winner si Yaya Pak! Lola Nidora sadly reviews the recent events and is unable to accept the fact that the people she septembwr didn’t abide by their promises.

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Retrieved 27 October Retrieved 9 November The caller contacts them again and says that Yaya Dub is in the Broadway studio, so Poblem checks the whole area but does not find Yaya Dub. The mystery caller contacts Lola Nidora and informs her that he has raised the ransom money to P million. Lola Nidora also points out that Yaya and Alden must learn to do other things independently in order for both of them to grow.

Nidora still doesn’t want Yaya Dub to know the truth while her other sisters admit that they’re voting Alden to be with Yaya.

Before the riders flee, Nidora snatches her Secret Diary from one of them. Tinidora convinces Yaya Dub to focus on her performance. Retrieved 19 October Alden is shown to be recuperating in the hospital.

However, while the vows were being recited, Yaya Dub faints and has to be brought out of the venue. Lola then asks Yaya to open and read her emails.


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Duh gives a letter to Yaya Dub, which she reads, then screams in shock. Retrieved 11 February Lola Tinidora assures her sister that she will do anything to help her.

Nidora then informs Yaya that, after his mall tour in ZamboangaAlden will fly to Japan the following day. Nidora however spots the table that they have set up for Alden and Yaya and she deems it to be too small.


Sino ang Tunay na Isadora? This episode is divided deptember two parts, an initial minute skit and a lengthier minute continuation, being interspersed by the “Sugod Bahay” part. Lola Tidora discloses that more pictures from the Secret Diary have been leaked: Lola Nidora tells Yaya that there will be challenges along the way.

eat bulaga problem solving september 11 2015