They’re literally the best. Perfect scores should be awarded to dedicated pieces of music, concerts, or in this case, altogether, and Alive is just that. I think after the song with the philosophical sounding German guy, people thought they were just supposed to like it, as if it were something deep. With the vocoder vocals that are present on various tracks around the album, you get that Daft Punk feel, but even without the electronic drum kits, you know you are getting a Daft Punk album. You can listen to songs by apart from listening to the whole album but I think the album is meant to be listened to at once.

I would have some tolerance in my heart, but I feel like this is just terrible and ridiculous. Grey Area – Little Simz. Listening to it really makes you feel like you were at the concert. Easily one of the better works from this prestigious duo. This is the album that made me realize I like dance music. The result is nothing more than a tasteless homage to the eras of synthetic disco, thrown together with barely associable genres in an attempt for variation and modification.

The hype for this album is just met but not exceeded.

To Lose Ourselves to Dance. I think our love will continue to grow for it, it has that potential because they haven’t done anything revolutionary. I liked every song on the album and I feel like that is extremely rare. I remember Random Access Memories is homewodk surprising. Mostly, though, ‘Discovery’ is simply fantastic pop The hype has been working in their favor as well, but that’s not the discussion here. Too hit-and-miss as an overall project, unfortunately. This album just stands in-between and reaches for nothing.


The feature songs are great in there own right including ‘one more time’ ‘Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger’however every other song is just repetitive and annoying. Daft Punk have pulled off a brilliant wheeze by re-inventing the mid-’80s as the coolest pop era ever. It is simpler and darker than “Discovery.

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Generally favorable reviews – based on 22 Critics. What do critics know anyways????? But it seems that for the first time, Daft Punk didn’t make an album for us. By selectively choosing artists and musicians that they look up to and admire, Daft Punk have managed to easily intertwine their inimitable electronic class with the likes of Nile Rodgers’ incredibly catchy guitars, Todd Edwards’ smooth cut-ups and Panda Bear’s confident indie feel.

Amazing music that you want to blast out of your speakers AND lie down and listen to on your favorite headphones.

Human After All

By the third play through you’re picking up the details, flourishes and Daft Punkisms that have informed every single album they’ve made to date. Designer – Aldous Harding. It was overshadowed by “One more time”, which is genuinely a great song, but not as good as the head-y, ahead-of-it’s-time, glitch-y “Face to Face”, or the ten-minute, four to the flour, soul-lifting finale, “Too Long”.

All this publication’s reviews Read full review. And all those stupid things that music these days mention that we forget the main reason of They gave life back to music.

I don’t listen this dqft of music, I like rock and metal, but this album it’s so I really was disappointed with the tron legacy soundtrack, but throughout all the album, you realize that they are the best! An extraordinarily fun album from beginning to end.


daft punk homework metacritic

A great new spin on old classics. For the first 4 songs you will enjoy the album but it just breaks apart afterwards and becomes a complete mess. The hiatus may have seemingly lasted forever, but it was damn sure worth the wait.

Tron: Legacy

The amount of talent in the fingers of this amazing duo electrifies the mind and soul. This album delivers on so many levels, and really makes me feel like a kid that wants to dance whenever i hear this album.

Is my favourite since Discovery, and Giorgio By Moroder is a little master piece, and Touch a curiously and complex work that will divide listeners. The first time I listened to the record was when it streamed on ITunes I had high expectations and was thoroughly underwhelmed and disappointed.

daft punk homework metacritic

Each and every one of the 14 tracks included has something unique about it that should make every die-hard fan of other music genres quickly convert to house. They, unlike all pop music today, have emotion. Every song of this album is a unique piece of art, the joyful and dance-able “One More Time”, “Voyager” with a driving in the sunset feeling or “Aerodynamic” with a face melting guitar solo, this album is art. Although most of the content may be very, very 80’s it still manages to pull through with some catchy tunes and general fun.