Concentration in School Age Child and Family. General Education Toggle General Education. Students who enter this program should do so only under the strongly held assumption that they have abilities as writers that may be fostered and trained by such a discipline as is described here. Writing poetry with emphasis on analysis of student work and growth of critical abilities. Fees and Expenses Toggle Fees and Expenses. Selection of original work for an undergraduate literary magazine. International Relations Toggle International Relations.

An ADT totals 60 units and in most cases includes completion of all lower-division General Education requirements and at least 18 units in a specific major. Political Science Toggle Political Science. Concentration in International Business. Concentration in Creative Writing Writing Competence: Creative Writing Toggle Creative Writing.

Master of Arts in English: Concentration in Creative Writing

Joron, Packer, Tigay Lecturers: Theater Arts courses include TH A, Introduction to Greece’s major modernist and postmodernist writers. Bachelor of Arts in Physics: In Creative Writing classes, students work with an active, publishing faculty.

Restricted to graduate student in creative writing; or consent of instructor. In this regard they will continue to be fully qualified as potential graduate students in English as well as prepared should they wish to continue as M. They learn by vigorous practice; by focused studies of craft; and bullein extensive reading, analysis, and discussion of their own work, as well as that of published authors.


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Topics to be specified in Class Schedule. Concentration in Flagship Chinese Language. Concentration in Mathematics for Advanced Study.

Students are expected to concentrate on revision of a play, on bringing work to a finished state, ready for production. Writign in the Literature Area, one course to be selected from three of the following four groups. Satisfactory completion of C W Written M. Select 6 units in the genre of admission from the following: Creative Writing Toggle Creative Writing. An examination of contemporary Israeli culture through literature, cinema, and theater.

Units chosen in M. Such students, in consultation with the graduate coordinator, must make up undergraduate course deficiencies up to twelve units in addition to the requirements.

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Workshop in Playwriting Units: Concentration in School Age Child and Family. Bachelor of Arts in English: Discussion of student and professional writing.

Ample guidance of the creative writing advisers helps insure that students will not be deprived of a sense of the history of literature. Bachelor of Arts in Child and Adolescent Development: Students’ studies will lead them to a degree in English with a creative writing emphasis.


Exercises in writing poetry, fiction, and dramatic scripts.

Creative Writing (C W)

Students accepted into the program with an undergraduate major that is not English are accepted conditionally. Craft and Process Tutorial in Fiction Units: Bachelor of Arts in Chinese: Concentration in Exercise and Movement Sciences.

Undergraduate Admissions Toggle Undergraduate Admissions. Concentration in Technical and Professional Writing.

Bachelor of Arts in English: Concentration in Creative Writing < San Francisco State University

Sexuality Studies Toggle Sexuality Studies. Information Systems Toggle Information Systems.

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Pedagogical grounding for pragmatic classroom teaching work and structure in which to work with undergraduates, under the supervision of experienced faculty and in collaboration with other graduate students. Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies: