As part of the Claytronics projectwhich aims to build very large ensembles of modular robotswe investigate how to simplify each module by eliminating moving parts and reducing the number of mechanical mechanisms on each robot by using force-at-a-distance actuators. At the macroscale,complex mechanisms such as motors are effective. Our results suggest that declarative programming can provide several advantages over more traditional imperative approaches, and that the differences between declarative programming styles can themselves contribute leverage to different parts of the problem domain. Srinivasa , and Padmanabhan Pillai. A large, moving shape such as a human replica might contain a billion catoms. Our approach is predominantly applicable to spherical and cylindrical modules and their faceted counterparts, but may apply to some chain-style modular robot systems.

Hoburg , Phillip B. In this paper we develop a theory of metamodules and an associated distributed asynchronous planner which generalizes previous work on metamodules for lattice-based modular robotic systems. Finally, we evaluate results from simulations which test how well our approach can replicate particular objects. A key problem in deploying a network of cameras is calibration, i. We have developed a technique we call distributed watchpoint triggers which can efficiently recognize distributed conditions. These territories have different levels, in scientific term called discrete energy levels on the order of De-Broglies wavelength. A scheme is also proposed to aid in optimized fiber adhesive design.

Our technique is specifically designed to be effective in debugging modular robotic ensembles, where many important types of failure conditions can be detected within small, physically connected subsets of the total ensemble.

Constructing a goal shape requires time proportional only to the complexity of the desired target geometry.

These properties cannot easily be detected from any single module, though they might readily be detected by combining the knowledge of multiple modules. Fracta modules are constrained to be in a hex-lattice whereas the planar catoms have additional actuators and can be arranged in a cubic or hex lattice.

Quantum dot is basically a semiconducting crystal material used in ICs for almost any electronic or computing device on a nanoscale, so we can call it semiconducting nanocrystal. Our method works well in both 2D and 3D, and requires neither exact measurements claytornics rigid inter-module connectors.


Creating lots of such artificial atoms in metal like semiconductor can alter lots of its chemical and electronic properties to make a non transparent metal xlaytronics like a transparent mirror maybe. These walkers can explore an area and thanks to electromagnetic wireless nano- networks, they can communicate with each other sharing the map of the researvh to explore.

Using assumed density filtering, the network nodes maintain a tractable representation of the belief state in a reseagch fashion. The idea is not to transport objects nor is ppaer to recreate an objects chemicalcomposition, but rather to create a physical artefact,that will mimic the shape, movement, visual appearance,sound, and tactile qualities of the original object.

Scale Effects on Gait and Velocity. Three early results of our research each highlight a key aspect of the ensemble principle: At the macroscale,complex mechanisms such as motors are effective.

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The robots rely on the external forces and move stochastically, adhering to each other under control of the program running on the robot. Some catom designs will be easier to produce in mass quantity than others. We report on the design of this promising debugging system, and on our experiences with it so far.

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Our watchpoint description language can handle a variety of temporal, spatial, and logical properties spanning multiple robots. Fewer, larger modules can incorporate more powerful actuators and stronger hinges but at a cost of oaper the resulting robot in favor of corresponding uses. We extend Meld, a logic programming language that allows an ensemble to be viewed as a single computing system.

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Hardware mechanisms need to scale towards micronsized catoms and million-catom ensembles. Tightly-coupled multi-agent systems such as modular robots frequently exhibit properties of interest that span multiple modules. A major problem in programming failure-prone collaborative robots is redearch. In the paper we describe a technique for coordinating the efforts of many tiny modules to achieve forces and movements larger than those possible for individual modules.


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Skip to main content. The ensemble principle is carried even further in the latter project; robots are unpowered until they adhere to a powered robot. Thus actuator capacity and range becomes a function of software and dynamic topology claytrobics well as of hardware.

This paper presents the specification language, describes the distributed online mechanism for detecting distributed conditions in a running system, and evaluates the performance of our implementation. We evaluate the system on claytronivs real camera network with 25 nodes as well as simulated camera networks of up to 50 cameras and demonstrate that our approach performs well even when communication is lossy.


To measure paoer effectiveness of our latch we incorporated it into a 28cm x 28cm x 28cm modular robot. Claytronics will be a test-bed for solving some of the most challenging problems we face today: If you contact us after hours, we’ll get back to you in 24 hours or less.

claytronics research paper

We show results from simulations in an open source multi-robot simulator. We implement our planner for two different metamodule systems and show that the time to claytronis scales linearly with the diameter of the ensemble.

HoburgDaniel D.

claytronics research paper

One of the primary impediments to building ensembles with many modular robots is the complexity and number of mechanical mechanisms used to construct the individual modules. Claytronicshighly scalable communications, sensing, and actuation networks.