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Black-and-White Street Photography Tips: How David Ingraham Uses an iPhone to Capture the Moment

Inspired by the marquee names of the genre-Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Frank, Garry Winogrand-David Ingraham's street images are, of course, in glorious black and white, and his methods are faithful to the code: stealth is okay, setups aren't; you walk, mingle, wait, observe, react. But he shoots with an iPhone and calls his efforts mobile street photography.

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Fritz Porter hosts month-long photography exhibit Wild Horses of Cumberland Island

Fritz Porter Design Collective, in conjunction with ARC Fine Art of Fairfield, CT, presents a photography exhibit Wild Horses of Cumberland Island. starting Thurs.

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Community man preparing to retire

Pleasant Point community members Richard Lyon, Barry Wilson, Colleen Fairbairn, Gus Bishop and Clive Callow in 2005 after the Government announced the closure of Pleasant Point High School. He says he inherited a “community service gene” from his mother's side of the family, as well as a “helping gene”.

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Visualizing landscape photography: The importance of planning your shot and developing your own style

Landscape photographers have a lot of different tools to help them deliver great images. For photographer Nigel Danson , one of those tools is Adobe Lightroom.

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Vallejo photog showcases work at Java Jax downtown

Ah, but bridges … and fog? That's creme brulee. And Vallejo's man-behind-the-camera has about a dozen of his creative color shots up through the rest of year at Java Jax downtown.

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