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Mathieu Bitton’s Stunning Leica Exhibit Blends A Love Of Photography And Black Culture

There's no plaque or certificate to verify this, but Mathieu Bitton is pretty sure his home is “the world's smallest Black History museum.” Over a wide-ranging career that spans album cover art direction, filmmaking, photography, and being Lenny Kravitz's personal creative director, Bitton's creative catalyst has always been deeply rooted in African-American culture, which may seem strange given the fact that Bitton is neither American nor black.

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Photography exhibition themed on traditional Chinese headgear held in Belgium

Two visitors wearing traditional Chinese headgears pose for photos at the “Chinese Headgear in Brussels” photography exhibition in Brussels, Belgium, on March 28, 2017. Chinese artist Guo Dongbo and French artist Benoit began a project in 2015 by taking pictures of people in Brussels wearing traditional Chinese headgears in daily life.

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Then and now: time ripples in photography

There are two photography exhibitions currently showing at the Tokyo Photographic Art Museum that are thematically and chronologically unrelated, but together make a strong testimony of the extent to which Japan embraced photography from its earliest beginnings, and how the medium is a strong suit in Japan's contribution to the contemporary art scene. One is a celebration of the extensive history of Japanese photography in the 19th century; the other a solo show featuring the extraordinary work of photographic artist Hiroshi Yamazaki.

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Photography exhibition attracts much interest in club

The exhibition attracted a lot of attention and resulted in a great deal of interest in joining this friendly club, which was formed just over three years ago and strives to be different from the normal camera clubs. He said it was a long day, as members were on hand from 8.30am to 4.30pm to talk about the photographs displayed and about the club.

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Tom Atwood photographed queer heroes for 15 years and the results are absolutely stunning

Photographer Tom Atwood's second book is a feast for the eyes, propping up LGBTQ heroes who break the mold. Over the course of fifteen years, he documented these intriguing and eccentric personalities in their own homes for Kings & Queens in Their Castles .

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