Place yeast in the conical flask using a spatula until you have reached the right weight 0. From the curves of best fit, I can also see that there were no anomalous results, only some results which were slightly above or below the curve, though they were not excessively distorted. When there is plenty of substrate, the rate of reaction is not limited by the concentration of enzyme. Because of this, I decided to grind the yeast into a powder so that the surface area would be more similar in each yeast granule. This could have altered the actual concentration of hydrogen peroxide used in the experiment due to errors coming from the environment such as evaporation of the solution.

I decided on the gas syringe method because, as I explained in my section on preliminary work, it measured the volume of gas directly and minimised the volume of oxygen which could potentially dissolve in water. By Alford Ico Ico. It catalyses the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen. However, if we had more trials with broader concentration of catalase, the graph will definitely going to be a form of plateau graph. This is a real A-level school project and as such is intended for educational or research purposes only. Hopefully, you will record concordant results for each repeat, so if an anomaly occurs you can discount it and repeat the procedure again. In other words, the rate is proportional to the concentration.

This meant that because the enzyme concentration catalase in yeast was reduced, there were fewer collisions between enzyme and substrate catalas, so the rate of enzyme-substrate formations was reduced.

This may have been why the difference in the final volume of oxygen produced was not equal, but instead decreased in steps of 3. I tried to keep this constant by making sure I swirled the conical flask evenly. As a result of my preliminary work, I have identified problems that may occur in my main investigation, such as timing, measuring and keeping variables that I am not investigating constant.


This experiment could be improved in a number of ways. I am experienced in the fields of biology, physics and chemistry, and I enjoy writing on these topics. This decreased the number of particles that could react with each other, and so the number of collisions that reached the activation energy also decreased. As in higher concentration of celery extract, the more number of catalase molecules in the solution.

The dependent variable the one Jydrogen intend to measure is the volume of gas produced in each reaction.

A peorxide with hydrogen peroxide is also present as shown Fig. This shows that my results were relatively accurate for each individual concentration. Hence the slower the reaction goes. This enabled me to work out an average by adding up three repeat values and dividing by 3. Reaction of Catalase with Hydrogen Peroxide assignment So, although my results did show a positive correlation, it wasn’t necessarily an accurate correlation because my results do not follow specific trends.

Subscribe to our Fortnightly Newsletter. Catalase is an enzyme found in food such as potato and liver. I believe that as the concentration of the hydrogen peroxide hydrrogen decreases, the rate of reaction will decrease as well.

Size Gcse Coursework Biology Potato Catalase Hydrogen Peroxide

However, if we continue increase the substrate keeping the enzyme concentration and volume the same. Substrate molecules will not often collide with the active site, and so binding between substrate and enzyme is a rare event. I consequently reduced the mass of yeast to 0. It was very hard to insert the small 5cm 3 beaker into the conical flask, and when it came to tipping it over, some of the coursewlrk was still trapped inside the beaker.


catalase and hydrogen peroxide experiment coursework

Set up your apparatus. The result supports the hypothesis in this experiment. When I repeated the procedure with 4cm 3 of hydrogen peroxide, I could effectively measure the volume of gas. Grind up more than required, so you can use the same ground yeast for each experiment. Extracts of this project must not be included in any projects that you submit for marking. Catalase in Potato and Hydrogen Peroxide Enzyme Essay – digitaltermpapers.

Size Gcse Coursework Biology Potato Catalase Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide catalase coursework – Alcohol Services Network Hydrogen peroxide catalase coursework. The table below shows what amounts experimeent Hydrogen Peroxide and water are needed to make the solutions.

catalase and hydrogen peroxide experiment coursework

You have been warned. This type of reaction where a molecule is broken down into smaller pieces is called an anabolic reaction. In my coursework I will investigate about enzymes in potatoes reacting with Hydrogen Peroxide.

The time taken to fit into and leave the active site is the limiting factor in the rate of reaction. I am very certain that if we had more trials with broader percentage of hyydrogen concentration, the results will agree with our second hypothesis as well.

catalase and hydrogen peroxide experiment coursework