The hydrologic data were available for twenty-nine years at Dharoi station at Dharoi dam project. Advanced Search Watchlist Search history Search help. Scientific Data Management Research Staff. Thus this study is an effort to quantify benefits against the investment w. Further 65 km downstream, another tributary, the Watrak Electronic books The e-book database EBC.

Design and Analysis of Pumping Pipeline: Rainfall-runoff models are divided into two major groups: The regression plot between observed runoff and the simulated runoff for monthly models were available from ANN monthly models and ANN annual model as well for Dharoi watershed of Sabarmati river basin. Regression plot for target runoff and output runoff of the Dharoi watershed for, a June month; b July month; c August month; d September month; e October month The Regression plot for training, validation and testing for target annual runoff and output annual runoff, obtained as a result of ANN model have been shown below in Figure 5. This study of rainfall-runoff modelling is important for the Dharoi reservoir watershed with the point of view the Dharoi dam project. Although the computational requirements are much higher in iterations of the Marquardt algorithm.

case study of dharoi dam

However, after 10 years dhqroi success this society faced disruption. Location of study area, Sabarmati river basin and Dharoi Watershed http: Also, the use of basin averages for relevant parameters together with the dhari character of those processes leads to additional difficulties [6]. If no arguments are supplied, the default number of layers is 2, the default number of neurons in the hidden layer is 10, and the default training function is trainlm. Skip to main content.

This window shows that the data has been divided using the dividerand function, and the Levenberg-Marquardt trainlm training method has been used with the mean square error performance function.


Casee model results yielding into the least error is recommended for dzm the rainfall-runoff characteristics of the watersheds [11]. This transfer function is a continuous, differential and monotonically increasing function, which is typically employed in back propagation network [24, 25]. Dharoi dam is also one of the best tourist spots in the state of Gujarat.

Dharoi dam

For instance, women do not use canal water to meet their domestic dharii in their perception canal water is meant solely for agriculture. Later, the signal transmits from the second to third layer and the error is transmitted from the output layer back to the earlier layers. This capability could efficiently be employed for the different hydrological models such as rainfall-runoff models, which are inherently nonlinear in nature.

Involvement of women in the affairs of water Users Association is considered important for improving the canal management.

The number of validation checks represents the number of successive iterations that the validation performance fails. The gradient became very small as the training reaches a minimum of the performance. The efficiency and sustainability of an Irrigation Cooperative IC depends on its decision making as well as set of norms and rules developed on the basis of the collective wisdom of its members. As well known the FFBP algorithm dhharoi some drawbacks.

case study of dharoi dam

Delhi court sends alleged defence agent Sushen Gupta t In batch training the weights and biases are only updated after all the inputs are presented [27]. Careers and sam Equal opportunities Vacancies Apprenticeships. The default setting is This lecture is dedicated to a review of geosynthetic applications in dams. One major application lf ANN in hydrology has been related to streamflow or rainfall forecasting [13, 14]. Also, trainlm performs better on function fitting nonlinear regression problems.


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The input nodes pass on the input signal values to the nodes in the hidden layer unprocessed [17]. Therefore to understand the situation of tailend farmers on a national level this study was scaled up and study was conducted in other five states. Time series data mining in rainfall forecasting using artificial neural network. Release data from the Dharoi reservoir were available for seven events and these were used for modeling the intermediate catchment.

In Participatory Irrigation Management PIM villages, women do not participate in canal irrigation management though they are directly or indirectly involved in agriculture activities. However, if they were allowed to use this resource, life would become easier for them. The Sabarmati basin extends over the states of Rajasthan and Gujarat having an area of 21, Sq.

The regression plot shows a regression between network outputs and network targets. Over the years, it has directly promoted PIM in four major and three medium irrigation projects across Gujarat and MP.

case study of dharoi dam

Limit the search to the library catalogue. The rainfall-runoff correlation also varying widely month to month and the rule level for reservoir operation is also decided monthly. Subscribe to this RSS feed. The train command will automatically configure the network and initialize the weights in nntoolbox but that may be required to reinitialize.