Iceland Add to myFT. The competition, now in its third year, aims to discover new talent in long-form non-fiction writing. Baldwin writes how one feels. Opinion Show more Opinion links. On his forearms I notice dozens of small scars inflicted by puffins which he catches, mid-flight, with a vast butterfly net. If demand for down reaches the level of that for rhino horn, bear gallbladders or elephant ivory, could the eider be driven to extinction?

My dear sir, I respect you. With such deadpan pedantry, he silences further objection. Given the simplicity of the idea, 12, words might seem rather a lot in which to express it; yet the message is not the half of this essay — its splendour lies in its technique. In politics, the orthodoxies that he was attacking have died. Back in Isafjordur, the pastor tells me about a Japanese film crew who made a documentary about him. It is not that risks must necessarily be taken, nor does an essay have to be radical, as such, but I do like to feel that, at some point during the process of composition, the author surprised himself. If a harvester cares for the ducks, more and more will come to nest, increasing the amount of down that can be gathered.

Stuart Williams, publishing director at The Bodley Head, said: It is considering plans to lay a submarine cable between Iceland and Scotland that would provide electricity for Hear homes. Therefore, if you want to get to the root of anything you must be radical.

At night the pastor guards the flock of eiders from their predators: All young long-form writers will understand how hard it is to get your work read and published, particularly if you pursue risky projects like wild duck chases.


Eiderdown, sold off cheaply, seems to be just another chapter in this story.

Adnan Sarwar triumphs in The Bodley Head/FT Essay Prize

My dear sir, I respect you. Baldwin writes how bdley feels. Moreover, social media have encouraged lively jargon-free writing that is almost like speech — an ideal Orwell aspired to. And he will probably ask himself two more: While a windfall in English evokes falling fruit, its Icelandic translation is a stranded sea mammal, a gift of free meat. It is then stuffed into pillows, duvets and clothing sold in Japan, China, Germany and Russia.

bodley head ft essay prize 2014

Is this image fresh enough to have an effect? According to trade bodies, most feathers are a byproduct of the meat industry.

Bennett begins by demolishing objections to the thesis with mockery that masquerades as helpfulness. She sits on her eggs for 28 days, during which she may lose a third of her body weight; some mothers may starve to death.

2014 Bodley Head/FT Essay Prize for Long-Form Essay Writing ( £1,000 Prize)

In the cycle of a natural resource, it is generally its extraction that is its most unpleasant and destructive stage. It is difficult to describe the weight of eiderdown in a language in which the epitome of lightness is a feather.

In Iceland Essat hear stories about Gulf royals who sleep under eiderdown in the desert and Russian politicians whose hearts can be warmed with the gift of an eiderdown duvet.

Peize essay is written as if to an obstreperous, slightly dim reader — another stroke of genius, as it flatters the actual reader into thinking how smart they are by comparison: This process was mechanised in the s when Icelanders developed their own drying and cleaning technology.


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Iceland Add to myFT. And then I found a copy of the essay online and emailed it to my friends. Baldwin, and this essay in particular, embodies that more than any writer I have come across.

bodley head ft essay prize 2014

It is not pleasant to watch nesting eiders being disturbed, but they quickly return to their nests and do not apparently hold grudges; the same ducks return year after year. For several weeks they followed him around his farm, recording him collecting down with his children, while sidestepping nesting eiders.

bodley head ft essay prize 2014

Companies Show more Companies links. The ducks nest anywhere: In fact, since the death of free-market orthodoxy infew political writers hold many unquestioned orthodox beliefs at all. The judges are looking for dynamic, lively hexd authoritative non-fiction essays of no more than 3, words, which must be written in English and can be on any subject.

From there, he offers some helpful advice: Above all, he is a marketing man. Today large firms predominantly control the fishing industry. Edward Posnett explores the links sssay Icelanders, ducks and capitalism.

Back in Isafjordur, the pastor tells me about a Japanese film crew who made a documentary about him. My dear sir, I respect you more and more.