A quotation from Clemens appears on the seventh page of Woolf’s essay in Imprints Ask students to locate some appropriate music to accompany their reading of a Hughes’ poem. Ask students to use its suggested criteria to assess “Mordecai in Memoriam. Only Daughter memoir by Sandra Cisneros Sandra Cisneros This Web site provides highly readable biographical information on Sandra Cisneros, as well as links to Hispanic heritage, music, quiz, timeline, activities, and other information. Anita Brookner A quotation from Brookner appears in a box on the third page of Woolf’s essay in Imprints Discuss how technology can be used to create a more interesting presentation of a photo essay.

Students can find out more about Durning’s environmental perspective in this review. Ask students to choose one speech and describe the rhetoric it uses to make its argument. Essay on Munro In this essay, “Alice Munro: Students can visit some of the links on this site to read an interview, reviews, a story, and other material. Students can compare the excerpt with “Night Spirits,” discussing which approach they prefer. Discuss the disadvantages and advantages of an animated photo essay. One of the links from the “Walden” page is to an essay called “One Less Accountant.

Links from the site lead to the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies. Edward Hoagland Hoagland is quoted in the unit opener of Essays in Imprints Ask students to find any recent articles on the subject if any—one hopes the problem will get better, however by using the search words rink rage. The review highlights Durning’s environmental concerns. The Five Paragraph Essay This Web site includes a simple explanation of expository essay that some students may find helpful.


Students can compare the excerpt with “Night Spirits,” discussing which approach they prefer. The site includes links to an hjghtower with the actress playing Frida. Johnson Quotations A quotation from Samuel Johnson appears on the second page of this essay.

Blue Gold by Sarmad Cheema on Prezi

Hightower Commentaries Students can listen to other Hightower commentaries on this Web site. Ask students to explore the information gathered for one other author who interests them.

blue gold jim hightower thesis

A Time of Discovery This site contains a exhibition of photos of nature at hightowfr Whyte museum. Small groups can choose and discuss one photo. Challenge them to compare this review with those of Richards’ Mercy Among the Children or other works. How do these poems reflect the views she expresses in “Thoughts on Education”?

Profile of Clara Clemens. Ask students to use this and other information to create a short bio-film about the poet, using a Heritage Minute-style format. Scottsboro Trials This Web site on the Scottsboro trials mentioned gols the essay includes details about a documentary on the subject, a timeline, maps, and a teacher’s guide on how to use this site in the classroom. The Consumer Society and the Future of the Earth.

Challenge students to find and read one other work by Savage. Discuss what she has to say about her writing. Another Photo Tribute Ask students to visit this Web site to compare its photo tribute to Richler with the one in the student book. Ask students to use its suggested criteria to assess “Mordecai in Memoriam.


Ask students to investigate and report on one other contemporary writer. The text also provides interesting details about Kahlo’s life.

Discuss the use of gender-biased language in this and any other works. Students might also discuss, or write about, any book that made a great change in their life. Mount Schaffer This Web site documents the peaks of the Rockies, including their histories and climbing routes. Challenge students to choose one painting or incident in the life of the group, like the mysterious death of Tom Thomson and write a poem, story, or essay in response.

Suzuki Essay On this Web page, students can read this Suzuki essay on overpopulation and over consumption. Choose the table of contents for easy navigation.

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Have students compare what this reviewer says about Purdy’s poetry, with what Atwood says. Students can visit this Web site to find out about Hoagland.

blue gold jim hightower thesis

Ask students to choose six images that they think would make a suitable photo essay for inclusion in a grade 12 anthology. This Web site provides a profile on Clemens.

Evolution This site features books, links to other Web sites, and other resources “for budding Darwins of all ages. A link allows you to see the whole mural—students can scroll across to see the entire work.