That is not the right attitude for saving someone who should be your friend, much less the love of your life. Her love for him makes him happy. And, again, most of the normal hollows are just. Well so that happened. Her love was obviously significant and important to him, he made it a point of focus several times, throughout the entire series. The Shun Shun Rikka. It really is that simple.

Quivering, healer-boy Yamada Hanatarou? It’s not like I wanted to ship a pairing that is the underdog, but I can’t help it. Say what you will, but IchiHime has the most moments and screentime of any other pairing by a landslide. So there must be another reason. Ichigo himself left Vizard training early; he refuses to accept that his Hollow is a part of himself and is constantly warring with it, leaving him open to a coup; Ichigo has gotten the attitude that he can protect everyone and no one can protect him. And that person was Orihime. And if they break, again?

Urahara…went out of his way…to tease Ichigo…about Orihime. For a person who has stated that her goal was to protect her love of five lifetimes, is there any good reason that she should not have brought out her one weapon in a fight where his life b,each on the line?

Ichigo trusted Orihime—let her know he was counting on her to protect him the very thing she vowed to doand acknowledged her strength and growth, and Orihime achieved what she set out to do way back in chapter ichiuime – the first time she expressed a desire to protect Ichigo. Some really want beef, pork chicken, mmm.

Why IchiHime was obvious as hell for endgame (regardless of the fandom’s denial about it)

In any case, the lack of pronouns and the lack of proper nouns – and the fact that Ichigo doesn’t remember a thing later – tell me that it is impossible to prove that IchiThing was specifically reacting to the person, Inoue Ichihme, she whom he should love. Given context, that’s why the translators assumed a pronoun Brackets are the Essay itself.


bleach ichihime essay

Yet in the face of all this, what we get is, “Well obviously Ichigo came back from the dead specifically to save Orihime because he loves her. Or does his behavior towards Orihime means nothing more than a concern for a friend’s safety because he can see that she can’t even protect herself from harm? Well, that last one is a little true.

Also, because I’m really tired of people making special exceptions for the incredible failure at hand here – never mind that Orihime is horrified herself: As we know now, he decided on an IchiHime marriage after chapter one.


You know Ballad, I always thought there was something inherently “off” about this IchiUlqui fight. Just as they assumed one here. How exsay that screaming kid in chapter 2? Rare in this series it may be, it is unsurprising that he reacts to a request for protection. One where Ichigo was awake would be neat. After all, he tells her that like him, she is unsuitable for fighting.

bleach ichihime essay

As I stated at the beginning of this thing, the reiatsu blast that triggered the bleacu was so strong that it brought Orihime to her knees. You put so eloquently into words exactly everything that I was thinking, have thought, and will think about this pairing and even added to it with more well thought out and explained opinions. Kubo gave us the pieces, now put them together. A ton and a half of Hollows in this series, particularly the early ones and ones like Aaroniero, speak in Katakana.


And Ichigo was pretty darn happy even without Rukia, with his friends and family back in the human world doing his thing. He does these things because he cares. You see his eye in the top corner, observing her reaction?

Disney = IchiHime Lurve: An Essay – Karenai

As khyata put it, Kubo could very well change his mind, do aand fuck with everything that he’s been developing for over chapters, making all of this irrelevant. His body language says it all: You know what, Orihime is special.

Followed by him comforting Orihime and thanking her for protecting him. Wouldn’t want people to miss the Ulquiorra and ByaRuki sections of this essay. Take a look at this panel in the original Japanese: Link Reply Parent Thread Expand. Now a few things before I start.

bleach ichihime essay

The difference between here and the beginning of the story is evident. I don’t mind, the more the merrier. How do you link Hachi to Orihime? Recently I went back and read the blwach from the beginning, and while I was reading, it never occurred to me that IchiHime was ever a pairing that had any chance of becoming canon.