The prosecution failed to prove the offences under Sections 36 and 37 of the Electronic Transaction Ordinance, and Section 4 of the Anti-Money Laundering Act , hence the accused were acquitted of these charges. PM considering proposal to allow low-grade petrol for motorcycles. In this qualitative case study, the data is garnered through company websites, domestic and international newspapers, magazines, and TV channels, and analyzed via contents’ scrutiny and convergence and divergence method of qualitative enquiry. While such a quick decision of the FIA in letting a terror suspect go free was a matter of surprise for many, the absence of a similar practice in the Axact case was a mystery that remains unsolved to this day. Axact is a renowned company in the information technology IT sector in Pakistan.

The New York Times. Views Read Edit View history. It is a larger question of who May 21, Opposition protest THE opposition has gathered on one platform and the power maps are out one more time. The fine is peanuts for such wealthy criminals! In India such cases never get resolved and the case ijncourt is dragged for years.. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation ‘s television series Marketplace carried out an investigation into the prevalence of fake academic credentials.

In short, the chief justice has no shortage of material to refer to in xaact to understand the reality of the case. In DecUmair Hamid, 30, the Axact’s Assistant Vice President of International Relations was arrested and charged in a criminal complaint filed in federal court in Manhattan with wire fraud stdy, conspiracy to commit wire fraud and aggravated identity theft for his Axact-related activities. I was hoping it would be a lifetime sentence for these fraudsters. A sessions court on Thursday convicted Axact chief executive officer Shoaib Sheikh and 22 others in the fake degrees scam caseawarding them a total of 20 years imprisonment each.


What is want of evidence for three other defendants? Statements of some of the employees clearly showed that their sale agents were impersonating highly qualified student counsellors working for the fraudulent, non-existent and fictitious educational institutes.

Good as now it seem that Pakistan is marching towards punishing the guilty.

axact case study

Might even be released early due to good behavior. It all began nearly 15 months ago when an investigative story appeared in The New York Times claiming that the company Axact was involved in running nearly websites issuing fake diplomas around the world.

axact case study

Awaam ; Bringing bad name to my country is a small chrime for you? Young IT professional were first lured into employment by Exact. It should have been 99 years plus confiscation of all assets.

Yes it is cade if he did the same as described in the case. When conducting his inquiry, the chief justice may want to speak to the four judges who abruptly refused to continue hearing the case.

The fine is peanuts for such wealthy criminals! Retrieved 20 May The spectacular crash of Shoaib Shaikh’s digital empire The accused were handed down sentences under various charges, amounting to a collective punishment of 20 years each.

axact case study

How come the judge decided the verdict without the presence of the accused in the court? Would Axact and its employees be compensated for the losses this litigation incurred to them?

The Axact case

An example needs to be set by the law so others don’t follow suite. Are you kidding me. The judge should also be put behind bars for taking Rs 5 million in bribe. Government records show that it paid an income tax of approximately Rs.

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They were part of the conspiracy for distributing fake degrees. Indian markets cheer Modi’s likely return wxact power. This judgment is too linient in view of nature of the crime. Punishment to culprits is a very small part of the tarnished image of Pakistan as a nation. The whole episode of the Axact case reflected an approach that appeared to be more lenient towards militants who are suspected of committing heinous crimes against humanity than those who provide livelihood to people.


Soon after the publication of the report, the interior ministry, despite being popular for its dormancy of action after all major terror attacks in the country, came into quick action, and directed the Federal Investigation Agency to begin its investigation against the company.

Indian markets cheer Modi’s likely return to power. A New York Times investigation identified more than websites associated with Axact’s alleged fake diploma operations, including sites for fictitious universities, 41 for high schools, 18 for fake accreditation boards, casd degree portals.

He should’ve been given life imprisonment for what he has done.

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Let’s hope and pray that the court has use reliable balance and the case has been carefully analyzed before judgement. Hopefully, this punishment will show the world that Pakistan is serious about taking care of frauds and dishonesty. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.