Atos walked away from the DWP disability examinations contract, after some well publicised issues. But no, the contract was handed over, without competition, to Atos. Retrieved 7 February Atos are huge, about as far away from being a small supplier SME as you can imagine. Atos Origin is the global information technology partner for the Olympic Games and has an international clientele.

Editors have permission to delete the “External links modified” sections if they want, but see the RfC before doing mass systematic removals. An impartial editor has reviewed the proposed edit s and asked the editor with a conflict of interest to go ahead and make the suggested changes. Also in the interests of factual clarity, we would like to add a reference from the DWP which makes it clear that the policy that Atos is implementing is actually a policy designed by the UK Government and introduced through the Parliamentary process and not a policy of Atos itself. Another pensioner is mentioned in a later section. An employee of Atos Origin was found to have lost a USB thumb stick containg highly sensitive user information and source code for the UK governments Gateway system. When it comes down to it, pragmatism wins the day, particularly if the Treasury has anything to do with it!

I’ve been working since I was 17, I’ve paid all my stamps, all my National Insurance.

atos ns&i case study

All further detaills about the controversy nd&i already described in the article ” Work Capacity Assessment “. Some factual information for the infobox or business profile should be updated: Atos Origin is the global information technology partner for the Olympic Games and has an international clientele.

OEE Consulting with Atos (NS&I Account) – MCA

Platform as a Service. This request is too confusing and it looks like five requests or so were made in the same 1 minute? WikiProject France France articles. I would therefore sfudy that, in order to make the position of Atos UK and Atos Healthcare clear, that we move the para below from the Company Information section and insert it above the mention of Atos in the UK.


Does that mean ‘produce some software’? The Atos Healthcare entry under Controversy seems to have been thoroughly sanitised. Changes are executed and citations added. Company has changed name legally as well as for branding purposes. If it does, why not say so? Birmingham wanted to attract more investment, generate more employment, promote sustainability and offer a better quality of life to their citizens.

atos ns&i case study

The following discussion is an archived discussion of a requested move. This is to make clear that in the UK Atos is actually ayos more as a general supplier of IT services rather than a supplier of healthcare services.

Supreme Court Decision: NS&I Can Give Atos £130M Contract Without Specific Competition

Email will not be published required. Companies portal v t e This article is within the scope of WikiProject Companiesa collaborative effort to improve the coverage of companies on Wikipedia. Atos Healthcare is not even mentioned among main operating entities in the financial report If you would like to participate, please visit the project page, where you can join the discussion and see a list of open tasks.

Atos walked away from the DWP disability examinations contract, after some well publicised issues. Using Big Data for Real Time Incident Response Management The City of Eindhoven is aimed to manage a street in the center of town – Stratumseind – the longest and most vibrant street in the Netherlands with more than 50 bars and nightclubs.


Verification is a free, simple process in which a supplier representative confirms the accuracy of their profile and identifies profile improvements. Rewrite second paragraph from “intro-section” to clearify that Atos Healthcare is doing more. N An editor has determined that the edit contains an error somewhere. The E-Factory was born out of the expertise ME has developed as a global manufacturing enterprise.

NS&I Give Atos £M Contract Without Competition Spend Matters UK/Europe

With its specific, well reported role in the UK DWP’s medical assessments, I’m wondering whether it will be beneficial to create a standalone Wikipedia article about Atos Healthcare. Please take the time to file an organized request.

There is some factual data in it, but much of the content, as well as the wording makes the impression of an advertorial. Part of an edit requested by an editor with a conflict of interest has been implemented. Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Note also that Atos Healthcare retains contracts for Personal Independence Payments and that criticism of their performance by disabled people continues.

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atos ns&i case study

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