Typically located after the Desalter and the Crude Furnace, the Atmospheric Tower serves to distil the crude oil into several different cuts. For distillation, absorbing or stripping, first arrange on paper all cases in order of increasing boiling point hysys you can get from a handbook, or from the View Component feature of the Basis Hysys. Use cold properties analysis to see the current Reid Vapor Pressure for the liquid product from the third separator: In this simulation, an NGL Plant will be constructed, consisting of three columns: The multiplier is because we wish to express the conversion as a percentage. On the Parameters Page, checkmark the box that says Ignore column during calculations. In this case, the temperature we set for our reactor determines how much coolant is required and has a direct effect on how well the column runs, and of course, it has a critical effect on the reaction itself.

You should see a Bull’s Eye when you are over a place you may “drop” it. A Refrigeration cycle utilizes propane as the working fluid is used in the liquefaction of the NG. Perhaps, you might want to develop the habit of always making a record in the Data Recorder also part of the DataBook right before running your Case Studies. You may see one, as in my graph, or even two anamalous points. In this module, a column will be modeled to separate Light and heavy components from each other using a distillation column with 12 trays.

For a lower bound on temperature, let us take the first temperature we were given to try in the example, 75 o F. Now we could plug about different combinations of temperature and size in by hand, but what would be the point when HYSYS has so thoughtfully provided us with a tool to do just that.


aspen hysys v8 case study

Oh, and make sure the Spreadsheet is also not in Modal View push the little “pin”. Since we will be varying the liquid volume by changing the Liquid Level percentage and we like even numbers, go ahead and change the Vessel Volume to ft 3. The preliminary design specifications require a reflux ratio of hysyss.

It’s easy, because the variables are already defined, and it’s informative. Assay Percent Temperature oC 0 4 32 hyysys 74 14 20 30 40 50 60 70 76 80 By: Once your flowsheet has been built and converged, you can use the Optimizer tool to find the operating conditions which minimize or maximize an Objective Function.

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Even though the vent is nominally empty, we need to include it on the off chance that some of the reactor contents do become vapourized. Add a distillation tower: Refrigeration is used to cool gas to meet a hydrocarbon dewpoint specification and to produce a marketable liquid. The status message at the bottom of the Assay view hhsys display Assay Was Calculated.

aspen hysys v8 case study

We’re done with the example. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email aspe a reset link. De- Ethanizer Column The outlet from the pump is then fed to the de-ethanizer: Add a distillation tower: By Hugo Fernando Solis.

Aspen hysys v8 case study

The object of the exercise is to select the product specifications such that profit is maximized. These working curves are used in determining sstudy properties of the hypo components generated in the Blend step. The composition of the four wells is the same: In this module you will construct, run, analyze and manipulate a propane refrigeration loop simulation. What is the maximum profit if you adhere to this guideline? To characterize the assay follow the following steps: Now make sure the Spreadsheet Property View is on the Spreadsheet Page yes, you’ll need to push the little “pin” on the stream’s window to switch out of Modal View.


Temperature of the valve outlet in oC. In this case that would mean running an unnecessary column times from the Number of States in the upper right corner. HYSYS will produce a complete set of physical and critical properties for the petroleum hypo components with a minimal amount of information.

aspen hysys v8 case study

Refrigeration is used to cool gas asppen meet a hydrocarbon dewpoint specification and to produce a marketable liquid. Specify the following information for the segment. In effect, this process adds to the reflux between these two stages.

Cost Productivity 7 By: Now we are finally, finally ready to set up the Case Study normally it is not at all this much of an ordeal.

Case Studies Example

Now add a material stream to define the feed stream composition and conditions By: From the attachments tab, select Analysis and then Create: However, you the boiling point of the mixture is around sttudy F.

Refrigeration is used to cool gas to meet a hydrocarbon dewpoint specification and to produce a marketable liquid. Percentageand the Variable Name: