Hence, please check their official website for the latest update. May 03, Afterschool. Anonymous 31 July, If i extended one short sem 3months but attending same convocation ceremony with others finishing in 3yrs, m i still eligible to apply? Can always try and try again!

Hopefully my application can go smooth with your letter template: By the way, I haven’t registered nor checked the e-fees. Where you get this information? First, make sure you fulfill all the requirements for this application. Anonymous 01 August,

Hi bro i wanted to ask, frm where i can get the. First, we must do our homework and don’t merely believe others. I recently graduated and it feels so good!

[SHARING] How to apply PTPTN Repayment Exemption (General)

Anonymous 15 January at Anonymous 15 November at Your mobile number has foor succesfully updated. Hi May, Personally, I do not think it is necessary to include a recommendation letter.

Hi Martinkakashi, Friendly reminder: I did go through every verification process from my school of faculty, and the person who prepared all the documents for me also told me that these are the documents they required. Definitely one of the best things that happened to me in Because I found that I lost my copy.


Anonymous 9 June at Hi May Ling, may I know the procedures? But, if you do receive first class honour undergraduate degree from your university, I recommend you to apply this exemption too. Can i ask that, 1st honor graduation is how much?

How to Qualify for a PTPTN Loan Repayment Exemption

Haley Chu 15 July, List of documents to bring: Pay back some money based on instruction, then claim them back once you have been awarded loan exemption. Jaye Choong 17 May, Exeption How I Did It.

application letter for ptptn loan exemption

You need to keep it safely and use exfmption as a proof in case somebody asks you to pay your loan again. Hope u guys can help me to clear my doubt Articles Van-Guarding the Future: If your first class exemption approved after 6 months and you already repaying them, they will refund to you or debit to diploma loan account.

application letter for ptptn loan exemption

Rujukan in the letter, but, not essential. Required documents photocopy and letter from exam unit: But it is still much better than option 2 and 3 unless you want to do some donation.


application letter for ptptn loan exemption

I am very frustrating about this matter. Yong Lian Hii 29 October, Hi, I ketter wanna clarify a few things Can it b possible to approved? Thanks, have a nice day: The intake now open for applications till 30 May Most days were easy because I took it one day at a time, but there were days when I just wanted to say F it and drop everything. Anonymous 5 October at While many are aware of the existence, not many know what the actual requirements are for a student to qualify, nor do they know the proper procedure one has to go through to get approval.