Bolivia opens $7 million museum honoring President Morales

Bolivia's President Morales and Vice President Linera pose with a statue of Morales after the inauguration of the Orinoca Museum in OrinocaBolivia on Thursday opened a $7 million museum dedicated to President Evo Morales and indigenous peoples in Morales's birthplace of Orinoca high up in the deserts of the Bolivian antiplano. Morales ordered the museum to be built by decree shortly after he became Bolivia's first indigenous president in 2006, creating a place to hold hundreds of his gifts as well as photos, videos and archeological treasures. "This town that has raised me, this town that has taken care of me, I want to say 'thank you, we will keep working'," said a tearful Morales at the inauguration some 400 kilometers (249 miles) from Bolivia's main city of La Paz.

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