Elderly French couple convicted over Picasso works kept in garage for decades

Pierre Le Guennec leaves the courthouse after his appeal trial in the Le Guennec-Picasso case in Aix en ProvenceBy Jean-Francois Rosnoblet AIX-EN-PROVENCE, France (Reuters) – An elderly French electrician and his wife were convicted on Friday of illicitly procuring hundreds of Picasso artworks that they kept for almost 40 years in the garage of their home. An appeals court in the southern city of Aix-en-Provence gave a two-year suspended sentence to Pierre Le Guennec, who carried out electrical work at the home of Pablo Picasso's last wife in the early 1970s, along with his wife, Danielle. The two were also ordered to hand the works over to Picasso's heirs and to pay legal and other related costs.

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