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Iraq says to track down antiquities after Islamic State museum rampage

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi visits the Iraqi National Museum in BaghdadIslamic State militants who destroyed priceless antiquities from the northern Iraqi city of Mosul have kept some artifacts to sell, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said on Saturday, vowing to prevent the radical Islamists from smuggling them to market. Responding to a video showing Islamic State fighters taking sledgehammers and power drills to sculptures and statues which date back nearly 3,000 years, Abadi also appealed for international support to thwart the "terrorist barbarians". "We have information that Islamic State destroyed some (artifacts) and kept others for smuggling, and the smuggling operation is afoot," he told a news conference. All the items were marked and recorded, he said, and Iraq would seek to track them down with international help.

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5th graders learn photography in Macon

“We have a grant that allows our 5th grade students to each have a digital camera and to explore throughout Macon to go to different places and take pictures,” says assistant principal Renee Theodore. “We’ve been taking pictures of murals and stuff like that, and pictures of artifacts from probably about a couple of years ago, decades, centuries, stuff like that,” says 5th grader Makayla Jenkins.

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See Eddie Redmayne as Transgender Artist Lili Elbe in ‘The Danish Girl’ (Photo)

Elbe, born as Einar Wegener, was the first man to undergo a sex-change operation.

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Vintage NASA photos to be auctioned in London

An out-of-this-world collection of vintage NASA photos — including the first “selfie” taken in space and a rare image of pioneering astronaut Neil Armstrong on the Moon — are to go up for sale in London. The treasure trove of more than 600 images, including some of the most significant moments in lunar exploration, was put together over decades by a dedicated collector.

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Behind the scenes with a $70,000 virtual reality rock opera starring self-aware robots

Behind the scenes with a $70,000 virtual reality rock opera starring self-aware robotsJake Kaufman and Jessie Seeley both have extensive production credits on games ranging from Shovel Knight to Silent Hill: Book of Memories, from Duck Tales Remastered to Saints Row 3. They've both shipped dozens of titles in a variety of genres, and now they're working together on what is likely to be the first full-length virtual reality rock opera. I was able to play an early demo of the experience, but they warned me it's much more of a proof of concept than a slice of the finished product. The models will look better in the full experience, and the motion capture will be custom.

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