Iraqi artist aims kick at Islamic State jihadists

Iraqi artist Akeel Khreef displays some of his art works depicting jihadists on the soles of worn-out shoes on January 13, 2015 in BaghdadThe Islamic State group militant glares at Baghdad residents with bulging eyes and bared teeth, but neither kidnapping nor death are imminent, because this jihadist is made from a shoe. The jihadist is the creation of Iraqi artist Akeel Khreef, who takes worn-out shoes and transforms them into faces representing the "ugliness" of the Islamic State (IS) group, which has committed a slew of atrocities in his country. It has killed thousands of people in areas it controls in Iraq and neighbouring Syria, targeted religious and ethnic minorities, sold women and children as sex slaves and destroyed historical sites. With the faces, Khreef says he wants to portray "the ugly condition" that has prevailed in Iraq since June, and fashioning them from old shoes does so with a calculated insult of an especially Iraqi persuasion.

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